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Pictory significantly transformed Andrew's approach to video production and content creation at the University of New Hampshire's Center for Business Analytics.

The Challenge

Before Pictory Andrew was not even able to make videos, he faced several challenges:

For internal teaching:

  • Communication of complex situations:  It was very difficult to distill complex papers and concepts in a simple "easy to absorb" manner.

For external organizations:

  • Video Production Challenges: Significant hurdles in video editing and production due to the complexity, resource requirements, and time consumption.
  • Lack of Specific Content: Difficulty in creating fresh, specific content tailored to particular business problems or events due to the above challenges.
  • Outdated Video Materials: Existing video materials often became outdated (years old) before there was an opportunity to update them, limiting their relevance and impact.
  • Resource Constraints: Assembling a team for filming and editing was not always feasible, leading to a bottleneck in video content production.
  • Limited Outreach Methods: Without the ability to easily produce videos, outreach efforts were restricted to traditional methods like posts on LinkedIn, which might not be as effective in engaging the audience.

The Solution

By offering a user-friendly platform for creating clean, well-edited videos without the need for a dedicated filming and editing team, Pictory enabled Andrew to produce specific videos tailored to business problems and events in real-time. 

This newfound capability allowed for more dynamic and immediate outreach, helping to promote specific initiatives like the American Heart Association's walkathon with fresh and engaging content.

Moreover, Pictory's flexibility and ease of use facilitated a wider range of applications, from educational tools for students to innovative marketing materials, effectively addressing the previously faced challenges of time consumption, resource constraints, and the rapid obsolescence of video materials.

The Results

He was able to create a one-minute video for the American Heart Association's walkathon in New Hampshire, impressing his main contact with the speed and quality of the output.

Additionally, the ease of sharing and the engaging format of the videos likely contributed to better promotion and awareness for the events and initiatives, such as the walkathon.

At the University of New Hampshire, students employed at the Center for Business Analytics gained practical experience with AI and video production tools, enriching their learning beyond theoretical classroom education. Pictory was used to distill complex academic research into accessible video summaries, making it easier for a broader audience to engage with dense material.

Andrew also highlighted how Pictory was a powerful tool internally for communicating and teaching students complex papers and concepts in a easy to absorb manner.

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