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Dr. Carolyn is a professor at Barry University's School of Social Work, with over 8 years of experience at the university, she uses Pictory to create content for her university students.  

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Dr. Carolyn faced several challenges:

  • Time Constraints in Classrooms: Dr. Carolyn teaches 90-minute synchronous online sessions weekly at Barry University School of Social Work. She needed to efficiently deliver complex material within this limited time frame to master's and doctoral students.
  • Engagement and Innovation in Teaching: Traditional methods like PowerPoint presentations and lecturing were no longer effective. Dr. Carolyn sought innovative ways to engage students and make dense academic content more accessible and appealing.
  • Technical Knowledge: Recognizing the importance of leveraging current technology for educational purposes, Dr. Carolyn aimed to integrate advanced tools into her teaching methods without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility in Content Creation: She needed a solution that allowed for quick and easy creation of educational videos, enabling her to respond to spontaneous teaching moments and ideas without extensive preparation.

The Solution

This AI-powered video creation tool allowed her to transform dense academic content into engaging, concise videos, effectively addressing her need for creative and efficient teaching methods.   By converting textual curriculum materials into dynamic visual content, Dr. Carolyn was able to make complex theories and concepts more accessible and memorable for her students, enhancing their understanding and engagement.

The use of videos supplemented traditional reading assignments, providing a multimedia learning experience that helped bring theoretical concepts to life.

Additionally, Pictory's features, such as customizable voiceovers and background music, enabled her to create an emotional ambiance conducive to learning, particularly important in social work education where emotional connection is key.

The Results

Pictory directly addressed Dr. Carolyn's challenges by providing a user-friendly platform for innovative, engaging, and emotionally resonant educational content creation

This approach not only kept students engaged throughout the 90-minute online sessions but also allowed for flexibility in content creation. Dr. Carolyn could quickly produce videos in response to spontaneous teaching moments, a task that would have been impractical with traditional methods. 

The positive feedback from both students and colleagues confirmed the effectiveness of integrating Pictory into her teaching strategy, demonstrating improved student engagement and satisfaction. .

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