For many organizations, videos are quickly becoming a part of their marketing strategy. Whether they are creating videos for YouTube, or LinkedIn campaigns, or for quick advertisements, videos show a better ROI for the marketers.

Conventionally, developing videos have been expensive for production and publishing cycles. The tools are complex, and many small organizations do not have the budget to invest in the traditional video production tools.

Using videos as a strategic marketing content brings such a unique advantage for a business. A Cisco White Paper says that by 2022 as much as eighty two percent of global internet traffic will be video-based.

Here are four use cases where videos make a perfect choice for the marketers

Product Explainer as Advertisement

Videos help you communicate via stories for a lasting impact on the audience. If you remember the Dollar Shave Club video or the #LikeAGirl campaign by Always, they could not have communicated the same message with the same impact without a video.

The way the audience retains the message, the story, and the visuals is amazing.

More specifically in technology, look at this video. People are more likely to absorb the message and take action when they see the video when compared to if they have read a post for the same message.

Share the Brand Sentiment, not the Product

When organizations embrace storytelling in their marketing strategy, sometimes you are not talking about the product at all. Customers are looking for the solutions, and videos can set up the brand sentiment to inspire the customers.

This commercial by Michael Jordan does not sell shoes. When the audience watched the video, they did not have shoes in their mind, they wanted to be like Jordan. Text could not have inspired this emotion.

Show the Difference in a Customer’s Life

Technology solves so many problems worldwide, helping people pay fees for their kids just in time, or getting their folks’ health checkups, or sending love to their partners in another country. Videos help you communicate how much difference it makes in a life.

See this example video by Abbott and you can see how it might lead to more inspiring stories by their customers.  

Text to Video: Content Repurposed

If you are a small size organization or an agency and you want to leverage the real power of video within the budget, plan for a “content repurpose’ strategy. You might be already sharing text as blog posts, social media, customer interviews and testimonials. Use the same content to convert text to videos and share it on social media and even on YouTube. Once it shows results, you can even host it on platforms such as Wistia.

Enter Pictory

Pictory is changing the video production and marketing game for you, on budget. You can use your own media files or Pictory’s standard library of videos to convert text to video. Its AI-powered intelligent engine is accurate and helps you get started to see the immediate impact.

While the videos shown as examples in this post might be of very high quality that go through the outside video production agencies, Pictory can help you get started with video marketing today.

Try Pictory today.

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