These days there are so many marketing videos that you see everywhere. You see videos on business websites – homepage or product pages. You see videos on social media — videos attached to posts as well as video ads. You see videos on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Of course, you see videos on YouTube.

According to Forbes, marketers spent over $135Billion on digital videos in 2017 in the US alone! That’s a massively mind-numbing figure! That’s bigger than the GDP of so many countries.

With so many types of videos and so much money being spent, no wonder we’ve now seen a spurt of new tools for video creation and video editing.

I wrote this blog post for digital marketers who are thinking about their video strategy going into 2021 and beyond.

Two important dimensions to look for in videos are Frequency of creating videos and Fidelity of the videos.

For frequency of videos, you should think of how often you would create videos. Will it be a once a year, once a quarter, or every day.

For fidelity of videos, you should think of quality and originality of the video. Do you want it to be super catchy? Should it have original footage or will stock footage suffice? How much time and money are you willing to spend on the video?

An example of high fidelity, but low frequency video might be a product launch video — a video that announces your new offering to the world. The stakes are high here and you should spend time and effort creating an original high-fidelity video. It is not something you probably do every week, so it is a low frequency video. This is the kind of video where you should try to use your best resources, maybe find a video agency, and take time developing and reviewing the script as well as the final product.

On the other hand, an example of high frequency, but potentially low fidelity video might be a short video to accompany every social media post that you make. In this case, you want you post to stand out so you would want to use video, but you may not want to hire a video production agency to create a video for every social media post. You might be okay using stock content for these kinds of videos. Many-a-times the purpose of these videos and the accompanying social media post is to attract the reader to read an article or a blog.

A low fidelity, low frequency video does not make much sense to spend any time on and a high fidelity, high frequency video may only make sense for those with unlimited budgets for video production.

The key to getting your video strategy right is to use the right effort for the right kind of a job. Use the best video production agencies to produce the high fidelity, low frequency videos.

But, when it comes to high frequency videos, the fidelity does not need to be that high. This is where easy-to-use tools like Pictory which let you repurpose text content to videos can be really helpful. Use Pictory to help summarize your blogs, add stock images or videos, and create a decent set of videos in a matter of minutes to accompany your social media posts.

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