As a product marketer, imagine if you could simply start with a published article, a PDF or even a video script that’s already been created? Now imagine using artificial intelligence (e.g. natural language processing) to automatically select the key themes, concepts and keywords – resulting in a video script in literally seconds – and providing you with a full script editor to fine tune this script.

So you have your script. Now, think about how these key themes, concepts and keywords provide you with the ability to automatically link your script with relevant visuals from a library of over 3 million approved scenes or your own library of stock video, screen shots that you can upload to your library. So now you have your script and your video; and you always thought your voice was horrendous – well no worries here either – because imagine that you could select from a library of professional voice overs and have them do your talking for you!

Finally, imagine having your enterprise logo, branding, colors et al., in a set of templates that you can apply so your video will comply every single time with your corporate messaging and styles.

As a product marketer – Imagine No Longer!

I am now using a solution called Pictory – that enables me to literally create a quick explanatory video in less than 30 minutes. My videos are compliant with corporate standards. And, ultimately this would reduce the burden on my video production team allowing them to focus their precious resources (time, video production budget) on the critically important super high quality videos demanded of our Chief Marketing Officer!

I encourage you to visit and sign up for their 14-day trial offer. This is a solution designed for product marketers – those that need video to obtain those amazing product marketing results without the need to create a production of the highest standards! Let me know what you think – and if you find that you are now liberated to deliver your own corporately branded video demos, product release updates, customer use case stories, and webinar commercials!

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