Did you know that 72% of people have creative insights in the shower? Although this may not be where creativity usually strikes, you never know when you will be inspired to create something genius.

Creativity is not a new concept – it’s been around for hundreds of years.

Acheulean hand axes were crafted 50,000 years ago.

The Lascaux cave walls were decorated with paint blown through a tube 20,000 years ago.

Leonardo Da Vinci conceived the ideas for the parachute, the helicopter, and the use of concentrated solar power in the 1400s.

Creativity has been interwoven into every major discovery and innovative push throughout history. 

Fast forward to today, we are celebrating National Creativity Day. 

Let’s start with the basics – what is creativity?

“Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking or acting, and to develop new and original ideas, methods or objects”  according to Kelly Morr at 99Designs

Creativity encompasses “the ability to discover new and original ideas, connections, and solutions to problems” and is part of our human nature and drive to foster resilience, spark joy, and provide opportunities for self-actualization, as stated by Psychology Today

Technically, humans have been “creative” since the beginning of time, coming up with innovative and efficient ways to eat, communicate, and survive. However, the term “creativity” in the modern sense that we use today, was not coined until the 1920s, following the birth of psychology and increased focus on the self. 

“Creativity as an ability, or a personality trait, first gained popularity after Graham Wallas’ book Art of Thought. In this work, Wallas presents a model for how humans approach problems and think creatively”, Kelly Morr explains. 

Creativity has been a crucial factor throughout history and many major human accomplishments that altered the course of history such as “the formation of revolutionary inventions like the wheel, the origin of new concepts like the theory of relativity, and the introduction of new art forms such as cubism or jazz”, states Jess Marranco from HubSpot

Some other famous examples of channeling creativity are the invention of the telephone, the lightbulb, and the computer. 

Innovation and imagination have been seen throughout history as a way to solve problems and make things better. Creativity is important for everyone in order to be able to think outside of the box and come up with new ideas. It can be used in business, academia, and everyday life.

Furthermore, creative imagination is the key to innovation and progress. Creativity can be used to come up with new ideas or solutions to problems, which can lead to new products and services being created. 

Innovation fully relies on creativity to come up with new, never done before ideas and think of problems through multiple perspectives and lenses. 

Creativity is not just limited to those in the creative field; it can be found in any area of life where there is innovation and change happening. 

Any industry, company, and person can utilize creativity to find new solutions to old problems, think outside the box, and come up with new, innovative ideas. 

While many people are capable of coming up with creative ideas, the challenge is often expressing those ideas and bringing them to life.

There’s a big difference between having a great idea for a movie and being able to bring it to the big screen, or seeing a beautiful sunset and turning it into an oil painting.

AI-driven technology is increasingly becoming the catalyst that enables those who have great ideas, but are limited by low budgets and a lack of free time, to create works of art.

For example, in the graphic design space, OpenAI’s DALL E 2 is leading the way in turning simple text-based concepts into breathtakingly beautiful and often surreal pictures.

We look forward to the day when even those with no formal training in the graphic arts will be able to sport t-shirts featuring their own designs co-created with DALL E 2’s AI.

Developments in the video space are no less exciting.

Historically, making videos has been expensive, time-consuming, and downright difficult.
Mastering traditional editors can take years, and the hardware required to run them is beyond many peoples’ budgets. 

Fortunately, platforms such as Pictory.ai remove these technical and financial barriers and enable anyone to turn their creative idea into a stunning video in just minutes, for just a few dollars a month.

Pictory’s advanced AI works with you to unlock your creativity in a multitude of ways. 

Script To Video

Simply write your script and turn it into a video using Pictory’s Script-To-Video feature

Pictory’s AI reads your script and picks out corresponding video clips which it automatically selects from its library of over 3 million assets. 

If you don’t like the video clips, background music, or text style that have been selected, you can easily edit and change them out, giving you full creative freedom and control over your video. 

Pictory will even narrate your video using one of over 40 AI voices, saving you time and money over hiring human voice-over artists.

You can learn more about Pictory’s Script To Video features here.

Blog To Video

If you run a business, chances are you already have a blog. But how many people are actually reading through each blog post? 
Pictory turns the creative energy you’ve invested in the written word into compelling videos which enhance your reach, increase SEO, and make your blog posts more accessible. 

Pictory turns your blog articles into videos in just minutes using visuals based on the words in your blog post, as well as including the visuals from your blog posts. 

What we’re really trying to say is that the entire process of creating, editing, and producing videos on Pictroy is creative. Creativity is embedded into every step of the Pictory process, as well as into Pictory itself. 

Pictory.ai has been shown to enhance creativity for everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. Pictory was made for creators, by creators, specifically for the purpose of enhancing and producing creativity. 

Now it’s your turn – show us how YOU use Pictory to channel and enhance your own creativity!

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