Lots of text content and little traction

Whether you are product marketer or content strategist, creating content that engages your customer (or even your own sales representatives) is your #1 job. Think about all the time and resources you spend on creating text content — whether it is white papers, blogs, articles, or case studies. In my case, I even wrote a book — more on that later!

About 10 years ago, articles and blogs were all the rage. The white papers I wrote got tremendous click throughs, generated lots of leads, and earned my company lots of new business. Over the years, there has been a steady decline of all engagement metrics of text content.

Video is where it is at

The kind of content that is trending now is video. Here are some statistics that we have come through on video:

— Video boosts conversion rates by 80% .
— LinkedIn Videos get shared 20x more often compared to text content.
— “Video” in email subject increases open rates by 19 percent & click-through rates by 65 percent
— Video posts on Facebook get twice the engagement of others
— 80% of the internet traffic will be video by 2021
— Video helps in 90% of purchasing decisions

Enter Teaser Videos

Teaser videos are short videos — ideally less than 1 minute long — that might be used to attract readers to a piece of text content, say a blog post. The video summarizes the article and gives the viewer just enough detail to whet their appetite and interest them to read the article. Think of a teaser video for a text article as a trailer for an upcoming movie.

These teaser videos might be posted on social media sites or attached to emails inviting readers to read the blog or download the white paper.

But creating a video is hard!
Creating videos is slow and expensive. You either work with specialized videographers or you roll up your sleeves to try and do-it-yourselves (DIY) with complicated tools like Adobe Premiere.

According to our survey of product marketing professionals, a single video can cost an average of $2000 and take about 2 weeks to create.

So what’s a product marketer to do?

This is where automatically created teaser videos come into the picture! What if you could create a video summary of an article — a teaser video — from an article automatically or near automatically? And you could do it yourself with no training!

Enter Pictory

This is where Pictory comes in. Pictory allows anyone to create videos from text in a matter of minutes.  Start your free trial today.

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