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Stephen is an independent consultant specializing in real estate mergers. He works with brokerages across the United States, which involves consulting brokerages on operational and growth challenges, focusing on mergers and acquisitions within the real estate industry.

The Challenge

Before Pictory Stephen faced several challenges:

  • Building Credibility and Content Library: As someone building a consulting practice alongside his main business, Stephen needed a way to build clout and a library of content to establish his expertise and authority in the real estate consulting field.
  • Content Creation and Engagement: Stephen sought an efficient method to transform his written content (blog posts and AI-generated content) into more engaging formats. He recognized the need for diverse content delivery methods to cater to different audience preferences, acknowledging that not everyone enjoys consuming content through reading.
  • Accessibility and Digestibility of Content: He aimed to make his consulting knowledge more accessible and digestible to his audience. Stephen understands the value of presenting content in formats that are easier for people to consume, like videos, to cater to those who prefer listening or watching over reading.
  • Efficient Content Transformation: Before using Pictory, Stephen was looking for an easy and efficient tool to convert his written content into engaging video content without a steep learning curve or significant time investment.

The Solution

Pictory provided Stephen with a straightforward solution to his content creation and engagement challenges by enabling him to easily transform his blog posts and AI-generated content into short, engaging videos.

The ability to convert written content into videos without requiring extensive video editing skills or significant time investment was crucial for Stephen.

By leveraging Pictory, he was able to efficiently create a library of content and share it across social media platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn, thus enhancing his visibility and engagement with potential clients, and ultimately, contributing to the growth of his consulting practice.

The Results

Pictory has significantly aided in building his credibility within the real estate consulting field, as it allowed him to produce content in a format that catered to various audience preferences—increasing accessibility and digestibility of his expertise.

The shift to video content led to increased engagement on social media platforms. Stephen noted a rise in people reaching out for consultations, attributing this to months of engaging with his video content.

The use of Pictory is integral to Stephen's overall content strategy, helping to establish a comprehensive library of content. This library served not just as a one-off engagement tool but as a consistent, reliable source of information for potential clients, reinforcing Stephen's role as a trusted advisor in the real estate consulting space.

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