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Edward is an auctioneer and valuer at NALC Auctions, a company specializing in property auctions. He discusses how Pictory helps him market properties with video easily and across all platforms, and how this has improved engagement and reach.

The Challenge

Here are the challenges David used to face in creating videos:

  • Limited Marketing Tools: The traditional method of providing written particulars for each property seemed insufficient in conveying all the necessary details to clients. 
  • Inefficient Workflow:  It is very labor intensive to create video for properties.
  • Content Creation Barriers:  creating sophisticated digital content might was challenging technically, so possibly required external help.
  • Limited Video Editing Experience:  limited expertise in editing and producing videos.
  • Engagement with Social Media Platforms:  There is a challenge in properly leveraging different social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Language and Voice-Over Quality Concerns: They were concerned about the quality of AI voice-overs, making sure that the language used is clear and perfectly understood, and ensuring high-quality communication in their marketing materials.

The Solution

Pictory addressed NALC Auctions' challenges by offering an intuitive AI-powered platform that streamlined the video creation process, enabling the team, with no prior development or video editing experience, to produce engaging video content with ease. This tool allowed them to convert written property particulars into dynamic marketing videos tailored to various social media formats, thus enhancing their online presence and client engagement.

Pictory’s user-friendly interface and AI assistance also enabled Edward and his team to quickly adapt to digital marketing trends and produce quality content with accurate voice-overs, significantly increasing inquiries and interest from clients and other agencies alike across ALL social media platforms.

The Results

Pictory provided solutions to these challenges by simplifying the video creation process, allowing NALC Auctions to produce more engaging and high-quality marketing materials for their properties, improving their workflow, and ultimately increasing client engagement and inquiries across all social media platforms.

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