"The addition of Elevan Labs for the Realistic Voices and Getty Images was absolutely a game changer."

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Marty, a Lead Gen Specialist at 'You Get Leads Today', talks to Pete about how he uses Pictory to make lead generating videos for his business and his clients. 

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Marty faced several challenges:

  • Video Creation Time and Effort: Before adopting Pictory, Marty faced challenges with the time and effort required to create videos, particularly in selecting the right visuals and syncing voiceovers manually.
  • Inferior Predecessors: Marty had experiences with less efficient video creation tools prior to Pictory, highlighting the challenges with their functionality and the lack of features.
  • Limited Voiceover and Asset Quality: The quality of voiceovers and the availability of high-quality assets were limited, making it difficult to produce professional-grade videos.
  • Customer Support and Development Concerns:  There were concerns about the level of support and ongoing development with other tools, leading to uncertainties about their long-term viability and effectiveness.
  • Inefficiencies with Desktop Editors: Previously used desktop video editors were not as quick or efficient as Pictory, further complicating the video production process.

The Solution

Pictory addressed Marty's challenges by significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of video production. The platform introduced time-saving features that streamlined the script-to-video process, reducing the effort required to select appropriate visuals and synchronize voiceovers.

With the addition of Eleven Labs for realistic voices and access to a vast library of assets from Getty Images, Pictory provided a level of quality and customization that Marty found lacking in previous tools. Moreover, Pictory's continuous updates and responsive customer support assured Marty of the tool's reliability and ongoing development.

This combination of features not only solved the practical difficulties Marty faced with video creation, such as time consumption and the need for professional-quality outputs but also addressed concerns about support and future improvements, ensuring a productive and satisfying user experience.

The Results

Marty experienced several specific and positive results from using Pictory for video marketing, which include:

  • Significant Time Savings: Marty highlighted the drastic reduction in time required to create videos.
  • Improved Video Quality: The integration of Eleven Labs for realistic voiceovers and access to Getty Images significantly improved the quality of the videos, making them more professional and engaging.
  • Increased Engagement: Videos created with Pictory received more engagement on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, compared to other types of content such as image posts or text updates.

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