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Tim and James created Thicc Radio, a podcast for the Gainers and Encouragers community within LGBTQIA, focusing on weight gain as a fetish. The podcast aimed to be an educational and community hub.

The Challenge

Before using Pictory, Tim and James faced several challenges:

  • Need for Anonymity and Privacy: Their community prefers to remain anonymous due to societal judgments related to fatness and their lifestyle. This limited their ability to use personal content for the podcast.
  • Limitations of Audio-Only Format: Initially, their podcast was audio-only, which restricted their ability to visually educate and engage their audience.
  • Content Creation: Before Pictory, they faced difficulties in producing video content due to geographical differences and limitations in technology and resources.
  • Overcoming Technological Barriers: Pictory's user-friendly interface was particularly beneficial, reducing production time and learning curves.
  • Sensitive Content Issues:  it was difficult to educate the wider audience about the challenges of the community without getting banned.

The Solution

Pictory's user-friendly interface and extensive library of AI-generated clips and voices allowed them to create engaging, educational content while maintaining the anonymity of their community members. This was crucial given the societal judgments surrounding their community's focus.

The introduction of Pictory marked a significant shift from their previous limitations with audio-only formats and low-tech video production, drastically cutting down production time and technological barriers.

As a result, they were able to effectively increase visibility and understanding of their community, both within and beyond their audience, leading to heightened engagement and a more profound impact on public perception.

Crucially, Pictory enabled them to maintain the privacy and anonymity of their community, addressing sensitive topics in an accessible manner.

The tool also streamlined their content creation process, greatly reducing production time and effort, while also allowing them to explore a variety of creative approaches and narrative styles.

The Results

Pictory's advanced features resulted in nearly double the engagement compared to their previous content, with an increase in comments and personal messages, indicating a stronger connection with their audience.

This boost in engagement was accompanied by an improved public perception of their podcast.  

Overall, Pictory played a pivotal role in expanding their audience reach and breaking down misconceptions about their community, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness and reach of their podcast.

You can find the Thicc Radio Podcast here - https://www.podpage.com/thiccradio/

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