ElevenLabs sets the standard for AI-powered voice synthesis with an emphasis on voice cloning technology.

With their AI model and advanced technology, creating engaging audio for video content has never been easier.

This article explores the platform’s ability to generate natural, multilingual voices and the impact it has on audio content creation.

And, we’ll also show you how, with Pictory, you can add realistic voices in over 25 languages, making your content accessible and creative in minutes!

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  • Eleven Labs offers a realistic AI voice generator that produces lifelike speech with human intonation and inflection across 29 languages.

  • With a Pictory account, users can add high-quality voiceovers to short or long-form content.

  • Professional or Teams plan users can instantly add entirely new synthetic voices to projects, but Standard plan users can easily add them with an add-on!

How to Add ElevenLabs to Your Pictory Package

  1. Start by logging into your Pictory account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free on the Pictory website.

Pictory website homepage, Pictory
  1. Once logged in, look for the “Add-ons” section in your account dashboard or under your account settings.

    Here you’ll find all the add-ons and customizations for your Pictory plan.

Pictory account, Pictory subscriptipns
Pictory add ons, eleven labs, getty images
  1. Within the Add-ons section, locate the ElevenLabs add-on.

The details should include the price and a brief description of what this add-on offers.

Pictory eleven labs adds on
  1. Click on the option to add the ElevenLabs feature to your package.

You will be prompted to confirm your purchase and make the payment of $8.

Pictory eleven labs premium voices
  1. After a successful purchase, the ElevenLabs add-on will be activated on your account.

You can start using the advanced AI voices immediately in your next video project.

Pictory voiceovers, elevenlabs
  1. Take some time to explore the different voice options and capabilities offered by ElevenLabs.

ElevenLabs voiceovers, pictory

Experiment with various voices to find the perfect match for your video content.

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What is ElevenLabs?

A versatile AI speech software, ElevenLabs allows its users to both clone voices and use existing AI voices to enhance their content.

Eleven Labs, about Eleven Labs

The company’s mission – to provide multilingual, localized audio tracks that maintain the essence of the original speaker’s identity and speech patterns – is a testament to its commitment to authentic voice experiences.

Eleven Labs, company’s mission

AI Voice Generator

Built on the latest research in generative AI, it uses an advanced artificial intelligence model to generate AI voices with human intonation and inflections for lifelike speech synthesis.

With the growing popularity of AI voice generators, the high-quality output accurately captures and replicates nuances such as:

  • inflection

  • pauses

  • modulation

  • emotional range of content

Supported Languages & Accents

Aiming for global accessibility, AI Voice Generator accommodates speech synthesis in 29 languages such as:

  • Chinese

  • Korean

  • Dutch

  • Turkish

  • Swedish

AI Voice Generator, AI Voice Generator, 29 languages
AI Voice Generator, AI Voice Generator, 29 languages

While any cloned voice can speak in different languages, the AI attempts to retain the accent of the original voice, adding a layer of authenticity to the voiceover.

AI Voice Generator, AI Voiceovers, 29 languages, accents

Key Features of Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs distinguishes itself with its intricate, high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices that are both user-friendly and amendable.

Text-to-Speech Capabilities

Eleven Labs presents an assortment of natural-sounding speech, boasting around 100 various accents and tones.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voiceovers

The company’s text-to-speech technology can handle mixed-language content seamlessly, allowing users to customize AI voices to match their project’s needs.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voiceovers

What’s more, authors can quickly convert their written works into audio, bringing fictional characters to life.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voiceovers

Voice Cloning & Customization

With Eleven Labs, users can clone and customize their own AI voices.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voice cloning
text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voice cloning

The platform provides two types of voice cloning services: Instant Voice Cloning for near-instant results and Professional Voice Cloning for more advanced outputs with fine-tuning.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, AI Voice cloning

Users can adjust specific voice elements like emphasis, breathiness, and pronunciation, as well as gender, age, and accent to suit their needs.

text-to-speech technology, elevenlabs, AI Voice cloning
Elevenlabs, AI voices, AI Voice Generator, API Integration

Top Alternatives

Some top Voice AI alternatives to Eleven Labs include Speechify Voice Over Studio and CereProc.

Speechify offers a broader selection of voices, advanced voice attribute control, and additional features such as a large licensed music library.


CereProc is characterized by its distinctive voices full of character, high-quality audio output, and voice cloning features.


Despite a potentially higher initial cost for personal users, CereProc’s non-subscription pricing model may be more cost-effective over time when compared with subscription services like Eleven Labs.

Pros & Cons

As with any product, Eleven Labs and its challengers each have their advantages and drawbacks.

Both companies excel in providing natural-sounding text-to-speech capabilities, which are highly impressive.

However, Eleven Labs’ customer support is less immediate compared to competitors like Speechify, which offers 24/7 phone support.

When it comes to audio quality, CereProc offers superior clarity, while Eleven Labs delivers audio at a 96 kbps bitrate.


CereProc also offers a one-time purchase option, which could reduce long-term costs, whereas Eleven Labs operates on a subscription model.

Real-World Use Cases for Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs’ AI voices extend beyond tech aficionados, finding utility in everyday scenarios. They can be used by:

  • YouTube and TikTok content creators

  • Audiobook producers

  • Podcasters

  • Businesses implementing IVR systems

Utilizing Eleven Labs’ lifelike AI voices can significantly enhance their content by providing lifelike spoken audio.

Use Cases for Eleven Labs, YouTube video, Eleven labs voiceovers for video, Elevenlabs
Use Cases for Eleven Labs, YouTube video, Eleven labs voiceovers for video, Elevenlabs

Audiobooks & Podcasts

In the world of audiobooks and podcasts, Eleven Labs’ AI voices are a game-changer.

The platform allows the conversion of long-form content such as novels into engaging audiobooks using natural-sounding AI voices.

Eleven Labs, audiobooks
Eleven Labs, publishing

Podcast creators can utilize Eleven Labs’ AI voices to produce episodes quickly and efficiently, maintaining consistent audio quality throughout their series.

Video Games & Animation

In the realm of video games and animations, Eleven Labs’ AI voice generator is a valuable tool.

The platform’s AI voice synthesis technology is capable of adapting to player inputs, contributing to a more responsive and personalized gaming experience.

Eleven Labs, video games
Eleven Labs, media and entertainment, videos

By supporting game localization through multilingual text-to-speech capabilities, Eleven Labs enables developers to cater to a diverse and global player base.

E-learning & Accessibility

In the field of e-learning and accessibility, Eleven Labs’ AI voices can make a big difference.

The platform’s text-to-speech technology enhances accessibility for individuals with visual and reading impairments.

It also works in conjunction with e-learning platforms to produce educational materials suitable for students with various learning disabilities, contributing to equitable education opportunities.

Pricing & Plans

Eleven Labs provides a variety of pricing options to accommodate diverse voice design requirements.

  • Free plan

  • Starter – $5pcm

  • Creator – $22pcm

  • The also have a pricing list for API use

    Eleven Labs pricing and plans
Eleven Labs API pricing and plans


In summary, Eleven Labs is a leader in the field of AI voice generation.

Whether you’re a podcaster, game developer, or educator, Eleven Labs has the tools you need to create engaging, multilingual content that resonates with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elevan Labs?

ElevenLabs, sometimes misspelled as Elevan Labs, is an AI voice generation and cloning software.

It uses AI-generated voices in a variety of languages to help boost engagement and accessibility in videos.

Is ElevenLabs AI free?

Yes, ElevenLabs AI has a Free Plan, offering 10,000 characters per month and other features.

How do Eleven Labs’ AI-generated voices work?

Eleven Labs’ AI voice generator uses advanced generative AI to render human intonation and inflections for lifelike speech synthesis.

How can I use ElevenLabs voices in my videos?

Pictory’s video editor enhances the creative process for any content creator, by giving access to ElevenLabs voiceovers across all projects, with the ability to customize your voiceover minutes.

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