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Creating a video from scratch is intimidating.

Where do you start? How do you strike the right tone for your audience? What about colors, fonts, and styles?

There are so many different decisions and workflows, sometimes it just feels easier to make a graphic or write a blog.

That’s why we are launching a whole new batch of video templates – to make your video creation journey less intimidating and easier to begin.

This new batch of video templates has been tailor-made for video marketing.

We have spent months modernizing our font library, pairing the right complementary colors together, and finding beautiful b-roll in our royalty-free media libraries.

Get customizing today!

Sign up, or upgrade your existing Pictory plan now, and explore all the features of our online video editor.

Gif of some of the new templates on the Pictory website

Here are some of our favorite templates:

  • Marketing: Perfect for your next product marketing campaign.

  • Professional: Getting ready for a presentation? Try this one out.

  • Business: If you have stats and figures, this is a great template for you.

All of our new templates are ready-to-use and perfect to help you create more videos in less time.

Some other major updates being launched this week:

  • Easy Preview Sharing: We know how important it is to get feedback on your videos, so now you can share ‘preview links’ with colleagues instead of downloading and sending Box or Google Drive links.

Gif showing the copy preview link in our new features
  • Bug Fixes: We have resolved major performance issues and reduced platform lag, by fixing 99% of app crash issues.

a zoom in on the button in Pictory video editor that allows you to apply zoom and pan to all scenes
  • Global Zoom and Pan: Now when you are trying to include zoom and pan in your videos, you are able to apply this effect in all scenes, instead of individually adding it to each scene.

And, in case you missed it, read all about our Improved AI-Powered Search in our July Product Update!

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