2023 has been a big year for Pictory, for video marketing, and for AI as a whole.

ChatGPT went from strength to strength, Elon Musk announced his own AI companion Grok, and AI image generators like Midjourney and Runway are changing the way we think about creating art.

The Writer’s Guild of America also went on strike for almost 5 months, with rights in the wake of AI top of their priority list.

And we were no strangers to change either!

Our Pictory team grew by 133% over the year, allowing us to bring you bigger and better content and ways for you to create your own.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the highlights from 2023:

We connected your team in new ways

In June we introduced our Teams plan, giving companies a better, more efficient way to create videos.

Create your team space, invite all your creatives in, and work on the same projects with ease.

We also brought Preview sharing into the mix in August, allowing you to share a link to your work with anyone in or outside of your Teams plan, without wasting your valuable download minutes.

Pictory Preview sharing, Pictory Teams Plan

We gave your videos a voice- several voices in fact

This year has been very big for the AI voiceover industry, saving video content creators time, money, and their vocal cords!

In spring, we expanded our range of voiceovers on the Standard plan to give you the best quality voices available.

But, not satisfied with stopping there, we were thrilled to announce our ElevenLabs integration in October.

This has provided our Premium and Teams plan members with over 50 hyper-realistic AI voices, ensuring those bad audios are a thing of the past.

And, not only that, but our voiceovers now come in 29 languages, ensuring your video content can reach an even wider global audience.

Premium and Teams plan members with over 50 hyper-realistic AI voices, voiceovers now come in 29 languages

We helped your brand define itself in video form

December saw our biggest update to date with the introduction of our Brand Kit.

Here, businesses can create a fully comprehensive branding suite, with logos, fonts, music, voiceovers, and favorite stock and original videos.

Pictory Brand Kits

These brand kits can be shared across teammates, making the video creation process more efficient than ever!

Pictory Brand Kits

We excited your eyeballs with more stock visuals than ever

High-quality visuals are such an important element needed to create high-quality videos, so we were thrilled to announce our partnership with Getty in September.

Our new and improved visuals library was instantly boosted with over 10 million assets of stock footage thanks to Getty Images, making it even easier to find the perfect match for your video scripts.

Pictory Getty Image Library

But the video editing updates didn’t stop there! We also introduced:

To name just a few.

But enough about us, let’s look at what you did this year:

Almost 6 million of you enjoyed video creation with pictory AI this year, boosting your video content marketing and more with engaging videos.

Over 5 million videos were created using Pictory as a video creator – that’s over 15,000 a day!

But, even though that sounds like an eyewatering number, we didn’t break your banks or your backs this year!

The average time to create a video was 28 minutes, for a total saving of 16 million video creation hours this year!

And you saved on average, $3500 from your marketing budget for every video you made in Pictory this year.

With all that extra time and money, who knows what you could do for your business in 2024 with Pictory!

So, what does 2024 hold?

Whilst we can’t reveal any updates, we do know we have no intention of slowing down.

Whether you’re transforming a blog post to a video, creating video highlights from long videos, or taking advantage of our video transcription and editing, get ready for quicker, cheaper easier video creation.

And if you haven’t made a video with Pictory this year, what are you waiting for?

We have a variety of plans available and a free trial for all of them, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

Sign up today and see how our AI software can transform your video content strategy in the new year!

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