Novel AI is an AI writer and promises to revolutionize storytelling by integrating natural language processing for vibrant, consistent narratives.

This article provides a tutorial and Novel AI review, showcasing how its tools power creativity for writers—from crafting vivid fictional worlds to generating dynamic video stories.

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Key Takeaways

  • Novel AI excels in creating immersive fictional narratives with consistent storytelling, offering an array of genres and styles to choose from.

  • The platform enables the fusion of AI-generated text and visuals, providing a unique and engaging experience by transforming narratives and offering interactive story creation modes to suit different writer preferences.

  • By combining text prompt generated image and text, and using Pictory for fine detail video editing, users can create engaging video stories in no time!

Using Pictory AI to Create Video Stories

You can easily use Novel AI with Pictory AI to create video stories.

Pictory AI’s capabilities complement Novel AI’s text generation, enabling users to produce visually appealing video stories that are not just engaging but also unique.

Step One: Generate Images and Text with Novel AI

text written with the ai
  1. Copying Text from NovelAI:

    • Select and copy the text you want to use from NovelAI.

  2. Exporting Images from NovelAI:

    • Download any generated images to your device.

Step Two: Creating a Video Story with Pictory

  1. Getting Started with Pictory:

    script to video
    • Sign up for a free Pictory account at and select ‘Script to Video’ on the account homepage.

      pasted script in editor
    • Paste your copied text into the script editor of Pictory. Optionally, title your video here.

      Click highlight
    • Highlight keywords in your text if you want them to be emphasized in the video transcript.

  2. Customizing Your Video:

    scene settings
    • In the ‘scene settings’ menu, choose if you want the AI to auto-highlight keywords and auto-select visuals.

      scene breaks
    • Decide how scenes are created (based on sentence breaks, line breaks, or both).

    • The AI will storyboard your video, automatically generate visuals, and apply captions.

      Editing tool bar
    • You can edit your video, add background music, branding, and AI voiceovers. Text in the storyboard can also be edited and reordered.

  3. Finalizing and Downloading Your Video:

    Preview your video

Using NovelAI and Pictory together, you can turn written content and images into engaging video stories, harnessing the power of AI to enhance your storytelling and visual presentation.

Whether it’s for a personal project or professional use, taking initial creation to finished product with AI completely changes the creative process.

Exploring Novel AI: An Innovative AI Writing Tool

Novel AI is an AI writing tool that specializes in fiction creation.

With a variety of AI storytelling models on offer, each employing distinct algorithms for text generation, Novel AI presents an array of writing styles and themes to choose from.

Suggestion Narratives

Whether you’re envisioning a narrative set in:

  • Feudal Japan

  • Victorian England

  • a dystopian future

  • a fantasy realm

  • a post-apocalyptic world

  • a Mars colonization tale

Novel AI equips writers with the right AI tools to bring their vision to life.

Getting Started with Novel AI

It’s straightforward to get started with Novel AI.

Simply visit and select ‘Start writing for free.’

The platform doesn’t require immediate signup or account creation, making it easy for new users to dive right in.

Once you’ve signed up, the setup process is straightforward:

  • Selecting a subscription

  • Customizing settings

  • Choosing or creating AI Modules

  • Understanding the ‘Generate’ function for story continuation.

Two unique modes for story creation are available in Novel AI: Storyteller and Text Adventure.

The Storyteller mode generates stories from basic information provided by the user, giving you greater control over narrative development.

The Text Adventure tool allows you to explore different narrative paths and outcomes through a classic text-based adventure game style.

It’s all about choosing the mode that best fits your creative vision.

Unleashing Creativity with Novel AI’s Features

Novel AI goes beyond simple text generation; it’s an AI storytelling tool for unlocking creativity.

It offers a selection of AI storytelling models designed to accommodate various narrative structures and writer preferences.

‘lorebook’ tool

To help writers manage complex story elements and world details, Novel AI provides a ‘lore’ feature and ‘lore book’ tool.

These tools ensure narratives are coherent and consistent, making it easier to manage complex story elements and world details.

The software further enhances the writing experience by offering editor customization, secure writing storage, and the ability to continue old projects.

Custom AI Module Training

The custom AI module training is a prominent feature of Novel AI.

AI module training

This feature enables users to train their own AI models with their own data, including text, to create AI modules that reflect their preferences.

The platform supports a wide variety of formats for the training data, including .txt files, which the AI uses to emulate the desired writing style.

Focusing training data with clear objectives helps guide the AI to generate content in line with the user’s goals.

Additionally, the platform’s support for integrating user-generated content in training custom AI models allows writers to develop a personalized assistant that understands their unique writing style.

Image Generation for Visual Storytelling

Novel AI’s Image Generation feature uses Stable Diffusion to support the effective engagement of audiences through visual storytelling.

AI Image Generator, novelai prompt for anime girl/anime character

The AI Image Generator allows users to create imagery that accompanies their story or text adventure, adding a visual dimension to their narratives.

Additionally, the AI story generator can further enhance the creative process by generating unique and captivating stories.

The image generation tool supports creating various artworks such as concept art, book covers, and memes and employs different image models like BigGAN, StyleGAN2, or Anime Art AI.

Users can influence the style and content of images generated with text prompts, and customize output via adjustable image-generating parameters.

The generated images can be exported for various uses, including book covers and marketing, and the integration with Novel AI’s writing tool simplifies the transition from text to visuals.

Enhancing Your Writing Experience with Novel AI

Apart from its creative features, Novel AI also improves the writing process in various ways.

Its config presets enable writers to customize how the AI builds the storyline, fostering an environment for creative divergence or adherence to story development.

The AI models in Novel AI uniquely offer creative and relevant responses to user inputs, promoting originality in fiction writing.

One of the standout features of Novel AI is its focus on narrative consistency.

The platform supports writers in maintaining narrative consistency by analyzing written chapters and offering constructive comments and suggestions.

Moreover, the text-to-speech feature in Novel AI aids writers in the editing process by providing an auditory representation of their stories for a different perspective.

Collaborative Storytelling

Novel AI’s ability to facilitate collaborative storytelling is a unique aspect of the platform.

Through an incremental approach to content generation, Novel AI ensures writers keep control over their story’s direction while benefiting from efficient content production and reduced editing time.

The platform’s lorebook feature aids in maintaining story consistency by allowing writers to track characters, settings, and plot points.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a novice, these collaborative storytelling tools can help you bring your vision to life.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Novel AI is designed to assist in overcoming writer’s block by generating story ideas and continuing the narrative when the user is stuck.

This is especially beneficial for writers who struggle with initiating and continuing their book projects.

Some of the features of Novel AI include:

  • Providing a steady stream of new ideas and narrative elements

  • Offering writing prompts and story starters

  • Suggesting plot twists and character developments

  • Assisting with world-building and setting descriptions

By utilizing these features, Novel AI can help keep the creative juices flowing, even during those challenging moments of writer’s block.

Evaluating Novel AI Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

Novel AI offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different budget considerations and writing requirements.

It offers a free Paper tier plan that includes 100 free text generations and 100 text-to-speech generations, paired with 6144 memory tokens.

For more serious writers, Novel AI offers the following plans:

  1. Tablet plan: priced at $10 per month, it provides a basic set of features.

  2. Scroll plan: priced at $15 per month, it provides additional memory tokens over the Tablet plan for more coherent narratives.

  3. Opus plan: priced at $25 per month, it is designed for serious writers and offers 8192 memory tokens, unlimited normal and small-sized generations, and access to experimental features.

Comparing Novel AI to Other AI Writing Tools

Although Novel AI is designed to cater to fiction writers and game developers, there are other AI writing tools available that address varying content requirements.

For instance, Jasper AI helps marketers and copywriters, and Rytr AI targets a broader range of content including emails and marketing copies.

Meanwhile, Novel AI focuses on fiction generation with text adventure modules and image generation for a different user experience.

To make an informed decision, it’s essential to read more comprehensive reviews comparing these tools.

Text Quality Ranking

While Jasper AI supports over 25 languages, catering to a wider international audience, Novel AI does not mention multilingual support.

But when it comes to pricing, Novel AI offers a more accessible entry point, with plans starting at $10 monthly compared to Jasper AI’s Starter Plan which starts at $29 monthly.

Strengths of Novel AI

A major strength of Novel AI is its emphasis on creative writing.

It goes beyond simple text generation to include advanced image generation capabilities.

This is particularly beneficial for writers specializing in genres that heavily rely on visuals, such as graphic novels or anime-style narratives.

The AI’s image generation feature is particularly proficient in creating anime-style visuals, which enhances the story-creation process for writers specializing in this genre.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite its range of innovative features, Novel AI has some limitations.

The output from Novel AI is sometimes considered lower than normal quality for an AI writer as it often does not fully emulate a human writer.

This requires human intervention to polish and refine the generated content for it to meet professional standards.

So, while the AI can provide a solid foundation and generate creative ideas, it may not always produce ready-to-publish content.

As with any tool, the key is to try it out and see if it meets your specific needs and writing style.

A lot of AI image generators also suffer when trying to create lifelike human characters.

Badly shaped body parts, an extra digit or fewer digits than expected are just a couple of the problems to be expected.

Tips for Maximizing Your Novel AI Experience

Tips for Maximizing Your Novel AI Experience

A few tips can be handy to fully leverage the features of Novel AI:

  • Incorporate your own writing into AI-generated content to maintain originality and personal style.

  • Provide the AI with extensive information about your story to get modules that best fit your vision.

  • Use the ‘lore’ button to input detailed information for sophisticated story generation.

  • Try Novel AI’s Text Adventure feature to create interactive stories or games, offering a unique and engaging way to tell your story.

  • When creating images make sure to use a prompt with as much detail as possible, including framing such as ‘close up’ or ‘whole body’.

  • When dealing with low-quality images, jpeg artifacts, discard worst-quality images and generate again from the best-quality output.

So, is Novel AI right for you?

Its innovative features, from customizable AI storytelling models to advanced image generation capabilities, unlock a new world of possibilities for writers.

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or looking to infuse your narratives with more creativity, Novel AI is an invaluable tool. As we continue to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative writing, Novel AI stands out as a pioneer, transforming the way we tell stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI write stories?

While artificial intelligence can create stories and other text at speed, most of the time it lacks the depth and emotion of human creativity.

It has the potential to assist human writers, though.

What makes Novel AI stand out among other AI writing tools?

Novel AI stands out among other AI writing tools due to its tailored features for fiction writers and game developers, such as customizable AI storytelling models and narrative consistency tools.

These unique capabilities make it a powerful tool for creative writing.

Can I use my own data to train AI modules in Novel AI?

Yes, you can use your own data to train AI modules in Novel AI, allowing you to create personalized writing assistants that understand your unique style.

Does Novel AI offer any plans for serious writers?

Yes, Novel AI offers advanced plans like the Scroll and Opus plans that cater to serious writers by providing more memory tokens, unlimited text generations, and access to experimental features. These plans are designed to meet the needs of serious writers.

Does novelai image generator work?

Novel AI has several different functions that work for users with different needs, including text and image generators. Whether you’re looking for quick creation or more fine detail editing, Novel AI has features to match.

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