Copy AI tools are revolutionizing how we create content, from blogs to ads.

Discover the capabilities of these AI-assisted writing tools, their benefits in time-saving and creativity, and insights on effectively integrating them with your content strategy.

How To Create Video Content with Pictory & Copy AI

Utilizing Copy AI for text creation and Pictory AI for video production offers a simple yet effective method to convert text into engaging video content.

This process involves manually copying text generated by Copy AI and using it within Pictory AI to create a video. Here’s how to do it:

Generating Text with Copy AI

Create Content on Copy AI: Use Copy AI to generate the text for your video content. This could range from blog posts, marketing messages, educational content, or any other written material.

copy ai

Copy Your Generated Text: After producing the content that fits your needs, highlight and copy this text from the Copy AI platform.

Creating a Video with Pictory AI

Register on Pictory AI: Visit the Pictory AI website and sign up for an account if you haven’t already.

Once logged in, locate the ‘Script to Video‘ feature to begin the video creation process.

script to video

Insert Text into Pictory AI: Paste the text you’ve copied from Copy AI into the script section provided by Pictory AI.

This is where you also have the option to give your video a title.

text to video

Customization Options: Pictory AI allows you to enhance your video by highlighting keywords, adding images (which you might have from any source, including those generated by Copy AI), selecting background music, and choosing a voiceover for narration. Customize these elements to suit your content and audience.

Finalizing Your Video

Storyboard and Visuals: Based on the text you’ve entered, Pictory AI will suggest a storyboard and visuals.

video storyboard

Edit and Arrange: Adjust the sequence of scenes, edit text captions, and tweak the timing to ensure the video flows smoothly and effectively communicates your message.

edit video

Preview and Adjust: Before finalizing your video, preview it to make sure everything looks and sounds as you intended. Make any necessary adjustments.

preview video

Generate and Download: Once you’re satisfied with the preview, generate your video. After the video is created, download it in the desired format, ready for sharing on social platforms, websites, or wherever you engage with your audience.

video generator

By directly copying text from Copy AI into Pictory AI, you can transform written content into visually appealing video content without the need for complex integrations or technical know-how.

This method opens up endless possibilities for creating compelling video content that captures attention and conveys messages in a dynamic format.

Key Takeaways

  • Transform text into captivating videos using Pictory AI, a cutting-edge tool that simplifies the video creation process while delivering professional-quality results.

  • Leverage AI copywriting tools to craft diverse content, boost productivity, and improve Google rankings while still preserving your unique brand voice with a human touch.

  • Boost engagement on social media with AI-generated posts that require minimal human intervention to resonate with your audience, proving that AI and human creativity are a match made in heaven!

Unlocking the Potential of AI Copywriting Tools

The world of content creation is evolving at a rapid pace, and AI copywriting tools are at the forefront of this transformation.

These innovative tools leverage machine learning and natural language processing to generate a variety of content, from blog post ideas and outlines to ad copy and social media posts.

The time-saving and productivity-enhancing capabilities are among the many advantages of AI copywriting tools.

For instance, businesses have reported a 40% recurring monthly growth in Google rankingsand saved an extra four hours a day in writing when using AI copywriting tools.

However, while AI copywriting tools can significantly streamline the content creation process, they shouldn’t completely replace the human touch.

Reviewing and refining AI-generated content is key to maintaining your brand voice and meeting your audience’s needs.

Crafting Compelling Social Media Posts with AI

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their audience.

Crafting compelling social media posts can help enhance your brand presence and drive audience engagement.

This is where AI copywriting tools come into play, as they can efficiently write social media posts tailored to your brand’s unique voice and message.

AI copywriting tools can produce a wide array of social media content, including ai copy for:

  • Crafting catchy captions

  • Creating compelling CTAs

  • Assisting in ideation

  • Analyzing large amounts of existing content for relevancy

These tools can help you create posts that are more likely to engage your target audience.

While AI tools provide a robust starting point, developing compelling social media content requires a blend of AI efficiency and human creativity.

AI-generated drafts, when enriched with human insight, can yield engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Enhancing the Blogging Experience: AI-Powered Blog Post Creation

Blogging is an essential part of content marketing. However, coming up with fresh ideas and compelling content can be a challenge.

To write blog posts more efficiently, AI-powered blog post creation can be the solution to these challenges.

AI writing tools like the ‘Blogging Wizard’ provide structured outlines and facilitate efficient creation of blog posts. They help content creators to quickly generate comprehensive articles and overcome writer’s block.

However, it’s also important to remember that while AI tools can enhance the blogging experience, they do have certain limitations, such as word-count restrictions and challenges in maintaining the desired tone or style.

Hence, it’s crucial to consistently review and modify AI-generated content for alignment with your brand voice.

Productivity Multiplied: AI Workflows and Pre-built Templates

In an era where time is money, AI workflows and pre-built templates are a boon for content creators.

By automating content creation processes, these tools significantly enhance productivity and save time.

AI tools like Copy AI and Jasper, as examples of an ai tool, offer a range of pre-built templates, including:

  • Product descriptions

  • Blog post outlines

  • Ad headlines

  • Email subject lines

These templates can be a great starting point to generate content and create content for your content creation process.

Moreover, the integration of AI workflows with content distribution platforms like Hootsuite and email marketing platforms can automate content launching and email creation, leading to substantial productivity gains and higher volume content production.

Originality and Compliance: Ensuring Quality and Authenticity

While AI copywriting tools can transform content creation, the quality and originality of AI-generated content must not be compromised.

Plagiarism detection tools play a critical role in detecting non-original AI content, which may contain paraphrased segments from existing material.

In addition, enhancing AI-generated content for quality assurance requires human proofreading. This includes checking for:

  • Repetitive language

  • Lack of depth

  • Outdated information

  • Absence of a personal touch

  • Improvements in tone

  • Grammatical correctness

The integration of plagiarism checkers with AI copywriting tools allows for effortless verification of content originality, aligning with best practices for authentic content creation and saving time on manual checks.

Integrations and Extensions: Supercharging the Writing Process

With the power of integrations and extensions, you can supercharge your writing process.

AI tools offer seamless integration with popular applications like Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft Word, enhancing content creation workflows and collaboration.

Extensions like the Smart Copy Chrome Extension facilitate writing, rewriting, summarizing, or expanding copy directly from the browser, enhancing the writing process.

On the other hand, integrations like Jasper’s with Zapier allow it to connect with various apps to optimize content production workflows.

From creating long-form content to generating AI voiceovers for videos, integrations and extensions can streamline and enhance the content creation experience, even in cases of lower volume content production.

Scaling Up: AI Copywriting for Sales and Lead Scoring

When it comes to sales and lead scoring, AI copywriting tools can be game-changers for sales teams.

They can aid in increasing conversions and retention by creating engaging and persuasive content, which is key for attracting prospects to webinars and other events.

AI-driven lead scoring involves continuous analysis of behavioral patterns and interaction histories to dynamically optimize targeting high-value prospects.

This not only improves engagement strategies but also allows marketing professionals to focus on strategic and relationship-building activities.

For effective implementation of AI lead scoring, businesses should evaluate their existing systems for AI compatibility, choose AI tools judiciously, and focus on seamless integration and comprehensive team training.

Finding the Right AI Copywriting Tool for Your Business

Identifying the appropriate AI copywriting tool can significantly impact your business.

However, there are a few factors to consider when making this decision. Consider your budget first.

Choosing an AI copywriting tool that offers a free trial can help gauge its fit without any financial obligation.

Another crucial aspect to bear in mind is the tool’s user-friendliness.

For small businesses, choosing AI tools that are straightforward and user-friendly saves time and reduces the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Finally, if your business strategy involves reaching a wide audience with multi-language content, confirm that the chosen AI writing tool includes support for all necessary languages.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, AI copywriting tools are revolutionizing the content creation process.

They not only save time and boost productivity, but also provide a wealth of opportunities for businesses and content creators alike.

However, it’s important to remember that these tools are here to aid the creative process, not replace it. So, why not harness the power of AI and take your content creation efforts to new heights?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CopyGenius free?

No, CopyGenius is not free. It offers different pricing plans starting from $19/month for the Starter plan. Exciting news for you!

Is better than ChatGPT?

For a quick and easy solution, where you may need to edit the output, is the best choice.

If you want more complex AI prompts, then ChatGPT is the better option.

What does do? is an amazing platform that helps writers generate content across various copywriting needs, from blog articles to ad creation.

It’s a valuable tool for businesses and solopreneurs, like Bernard, who use it to create marketing content and grow their businesses.

Can I use for free?

Yes, you can use for free with the free plan, which provides access to a range of features and tools.

It’s perfect for those on a budget or just getting started with AI-powered writing tools!

What is the benefit of using AI copywriting tools?

Using AI copywriting tools can save you time, boost productivity, and generate a variety of content for your needs, such as blog post ideas, ad copy, and social media posts.

So, you can create more content in less time!56

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