What would it take to transform your video marketing into your greatest lead-generation tool?

The answer is simple and only requires one word: Pictory.

Pictory.ai lets you create short-form, professional videos from your long-form content with just a few clicks.

Forget spending hours looking for the most powerful snippets to share.

This video editing software does it for you without the need for technical knowledge.

So, how could you increase its impact even more?

Think about stunning visuals.

Most long-form content, such as Zoom meetings, is full of important information but not visually exciting.

That’s where Storyblocks can be a game-changer.

This massive video library gives you unlimited access to the visuals you need to create videos your audience cannot get enough of.

Together, Pictory and Storyblocks are unbeatable.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how the two can work together to propel your business to the next level.

The Power of Video in Content Marketing

Effective content marketing requires more than persuasive copy.

Images and video clips are just as important.

No need to take our word for it, simply continue reading for all the facts.

The Importance of Video Content in Today's Digital Landscape

The Importance of Video Content in Today’s Digital Landscape

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than four out of five marketers believe that video has become more important as a content marketing tool over the past few years.

High-quality videos help brands stand out from their competition.

Visual content helps customers connect to businesses and their products and services.

If your company is looking to reach more potential customers, turning your own videos into professional explainer videos and promotional content are just two of the options available to you.

As the popularity of videos grows, a majority of leading marketers are planning to increase the share of their budget allocated to video creation, allowing them to take more advantage of this tool.

At the same time, there is some recognition in the industry that brands could be doing more to optimize the results delivered by video content.

The same Content Marketing Institute survey mentioned above noted that less than one in five marketers believe their current videos are delivering excellent results.

More than 70% see average results, so there remains great potential for increased impact.

The Impact of High-Quality Videos on Audience Engagement

The Impact of High-Quality Videos on Audience Engagement

Picture a cinema audience: the movie’s plot is well underway, and there are a few typical reactions most audiences show.

Some cinemagoers are flinching with every punch the hero is taking.

Others are breathlessly waiting for the next plot twist.

They’re literally sitting on the edge of their seats, mouths wide open, having long forgotten about the piece of popcorn they wanted to eat ten minutes ago.

No one has taken their eyes off the screen for the past hour.

In fact, the audience forgot about time altogether.

This is the impact of high-quality moving pictures on their audiences.

Unfortunately, watching a one-hour Zoom discussion doesn’t produce the same effect, no matter how exciting the topic is.

Never mind the size of the screen; without captivating visuals, it is almost impossible to retain an audience’s attention for any length of time.

The solution is to produce high-quality video clips that combine unmissable content with captivating visuals.

Video creation software like Pictory has the power to extract the ‘golden moments’ or the most powerful quotations from long-form content without human help.

But you will only create the kind of viewer engagement and retention you are looking for when spoken content is combined with outstanding visuals.

The Role of Stock Footage in Video Creation

The Role of Stock Footage in Video Creation

Whether you’re looking to create personal videos or professional promo videos, stock videos give you access to the footage you never managed to take.

Without access to external video, even the best video creation software can only work with the footage you supply.

For most businesses, it’s simply not realistic to maintain a full-on video production to support their content marketing efforts.

Stock footage lets brands of all sizes bridge that gap.

This kind of footage adds engaging visuals to engaging discussions, for example.

Rather than watching a short clip that simply shows a person talking to the camera, your viewers see the amazing video they want to continue watching.

A professional short-form video like this helps you increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel, for example.

Engaging visuals also encourage the sharing of content, allowing your videos to go viral.

Put simply, stock video is a cost-effective, high-impact solution for businesses hoping to improve and enhance their content marketing.

Overview of Pictory: The AI Video Creator

Overview of Pictory: The AI Video Creator

AI video generators seem to be appearing everywhere at the moment, with new products being launched almost daily.

Pictory stands out from the crowd, and here are the reasons why.

An Introduction to Pictory

Pictory is more than a professional AI video generator.

It’s essentially a complete video marketing toolkit in one easy-to-use platform.

As part of a successful video marketing strategy, Pictory saves you time and eliminates some of the guesswork from the creation of content marketing videos.

At the heart of Pictory lies its powerful AI algorithm that identifies and extracts those coveted snippets from your company’s webinars, Teams, and Zoom meetings.

Think of those snippets as the reels and quotes that employees, customers, and other stakeholders will want to share for years to come.

As a video maker, Pictory gives your team back the time team members need to maximize the impact of your content.

Rather than spending hours reviewing content and selecting clips, Pictory users simply let the AI take care of the selection and create professional looking videos within minutes.

The Benefits of Using Pictory for Video Creation

The Benefits of Using Pictory for Video Creation

Pictory makes it easy to create professional animated videos, create broadcast quality videos, or stunning video animations.

The main benefits of using Pictory as your online video editor include:

    • Time savings thanks to AI-based content extraction of engaging videos from long-form content

    • Simplified video editing compared to other YouTube video editor software because AI does much of the work for creators

    • Increased efficiency of social media content creation with professional, quality videos

    • Improved customer engagement through dynamic business videos

    • No need to upgrade computer hardware thanks to cloud-based technology

    • Usable with a wide range of video formats, including web video, Hollywood-style movie trailers, and video presentations, as well as offering professional live streaming killer features

For professional quality video editing, Pictory is simply unbeatable because of its versatility.

Whether your brand is looking to edit videos, create video ads, or transform a blog post into high-performing cinematic videos, Pictory can deliver on all of these.

How Pictory Simplifies Video Creation

How Pictory Simplifies Video Creation

Pictory’s goal is simply to allow creators to focus on what they do best – put their ideas into video content that followers and customers want to see.

Professional scroll-stopping videos from blog posts, long-form videos, and other forms of content are what Pictory does best.

So, how exactly does Pictory help users create videos that stand out?

First and foremost, this AI video generator offers a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies the entire video editing experience.

There’s no need for specialist technical knowledge or to download software.

Instead, users gain access to unique, customizable templates that allow them to create high-quality videos in no time.

Plus, Pictory allows creators to add speech either by using their own voice and video script or choosing a lifelike AI.

However, one of the strongest points of this software is its capability to help creators deliver stunning videos.

Pictory does this by providing access to more than 3 million video clips and images as well as a wide selection of royalty-free audio tracks.

It has never been this simple to combine video or text communication into engaging or even mesmerizing content.

An Introduction to Storyblocks Video Library

So far, this article has focused on the power and versatility of Pictory as an AI video generator.

However, the software can only create professional-looking videos if the imagery provided by users allows for that.

Although filming and producing quality video is becoming easier and more affordable every time, few brands have the resources to create all of their footage in-house.

Enter Storyblocks.

What is Storyblocks?

What is Storyblocks?

Storyblocks is an extensive library of video footage that allows creators to fill the gap between the footage they have on hand and the additional video they need to produce professional videos.

Storyblocks is far from being yet another stock image service.

The platform combines audio, video, and still image files all of which are made available to creators through one simple and convenient subscription.

What really distinguishes Storyblocks from its competition is the fact that users don’t need to pay per clip.

There are no restrictions on the number of clips subscribers can use for their video editing.

The Value of Accessing a Massive Video Library

The Value of Accessing a Massive Video Library

Now, the question is whether having access to such a massive video library is overwhelming.

In theory, this could be a risk.

However, thanks to intelligent search functions, most creators find it easy to select the content they need.

There are other benefits to accessing a huge amount of video content.

When working with smaller libraries, there is a risk of brands within the same industry choosing the same clips over and over.

As a result, producing unique content becomes harder, and the likelihood of duplicates increases.

This makes it tough for potential customers to distinguish between different brands, achieving the opposite of what most creators want.

Having unlimited access is another advantage.

Depending on how many stock video clips you need, using a traditional service quickly becomes costly.

Offering an unlimited subscription instead allows brands to keep track of their spending without compromising their video editing.

Last, but not least, Storyblocks has become an industry favorite by continuously listening to its customers.

That’s how the company grew from offering only video footage to including still images and royalty-free audio tracks under the Storyblocks brand.

Are you ready to create stunning videos in Pictory?

Find out more in Part 2 of How to Access Storyblocks Massive Video Library Using Pictory and Enhance Your Visuals with High-Quality Footage.

And then check out our Comprehensive Guide to Creating Video Marketing Content , before getting started with your own FREE Pictory account 

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