Did you know that 85% of the videos on social media are watched on mute? You might be losing out on user engagement if you are posting videos on social media without captions. Captions provide a flexible way for your audience to consume your videos.

Captions on your videos get indexed and can improve the search engine ranking and discoverability of your video.

Captions and subtitles improves the accessibility of your videos by allowing people with hearing and learning disabilities to access your content.

Captions can help compensate for poor voice quality or noise in your recorded videos. 


Caption your videos in these 3 easy steps with Pictory

 1. Upload & Transcribe: As your video is being uploaded, Pictory runs its AI engine to automatically transcribe your video and converts it into text.

2. Edit & Customize: Correct errors in transcriptions. Also, you can quickly cut-out parts of video you don’t want by simply removing the text transcription.

3. Save & Share: Generate and download your video with the caption burned-in. Also, download the transcription as a text file, or an SRT file or VTT file. 

Try Pictory Today

With Pictory, your video is ready-to-publish in minutes. Your video is available as an MP4 file, ready to be published to your website, social media, or your learning management system.

You can use Pictory to edit & publish eLearning and training videos. You can use it for demo videos or Webinar videos.

Interested in live demo of Pictory for editing videos? Please get in touch with us today.  Interested in taking it for a spin? Please sign-up for a free trial today. 

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