Did you know that over 80% of the videos on social media are watched on mute?

You might be losing out on user engagement if you are posting videos on social media without captions.

Captions provide a flexible way for your audience to consume your videos.

Captions on your videos get indexed and can improve the search engine ranking and discoverability of your video.

Captions and subtitles improve the accessibility of your videos by allowing people with hearing and learning disabilities to access your content.

Captions can help compensate for poor voice quality or noise in your recorded videos. 

Caption Your Videos in 3 Easy Steps with Pictory

Upload & Transcribe

text transcription

As your video is being uploaded, Pictory runs its AI engine to automatically transcribe your entire video and convert it into text.

Edit & Customize

edit text option

Correct errors in transcriptions.

Also, you can quickly cut out parts of the video you don’t want by simply removing the text transcription.

Save & Share

save, share and download

Generate and download your video with the caption burned in.

Also, download the transcription as a text file, an SRT file, or a VTT file. 

How to Choose the Right Video Editor for Adding Captions

A whole host of video editors are available on the market and they come with different pros and cons.

With technology moving so fast you need to make sure that it has all the key features to produce the video subtitles and captions you need.

There are two main types of caption generators, online and offline.

The traditional offline models are being replaced by online models that can auto-generate subtitles for a video.

You can easily upload your video file and add subtitles to a video in minutes using the online video editor process.

With a few clicks and a small amount of editing, you have everything your video needs.

The advantages of this are speed, the ability to quickly edit your videos and you can have your video up and online the same day.

How Can Adding Captions To a Video Help You Reach a Wider Audience

over 80% of video views are watched with the sound off

The statistics show that over 80% of video views are watched with the sound off.

This is already a great indicator of why captions on videos are so valuable.

A statistic that shows real value, adding captions to videos can increase your video content views by improving accessibility to your content.

In addition to this adding captions could also make your videos more discoverable on search engine results pages because it increases their visibility.

It also increases attention rates as users take more notice of videos with captions due to their readability.

Adding Captions To My Video Content

Adding captions to your social media content or marketing content is quick and easy.

As we noted above this can increase retention rates, visibility, and search rankings, improving the overall quality of your video.

With so many different options of social platforms on there, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X, it can be hard to know where to start captioning.

video formats, aspect ratios

The simple answer to this is to use a captioning tool that can add captions to video formats of 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16.

This covers all the video outputs that you need so you can work on a landscape format for YouTube, Facebook, and marketing videos.

1.1 format four square video content for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

And 9.16 content for shorts for YouTube shorts, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and of course TikTok.

Adding Captions To My Website Video Content

Adding captions to the website content can improve the retention rate of a user in the same way it does on social media channels.

Users want quick access to information and if you have an e-commerce website or a website with explainer videos or how-to videos then adding captions can be a really valuable tool.

You can easily turn static images into video content by uploading them to an online video editor.

This can improve sales, lead generation, and engagement.

By adding video content and videos with captions to your website it provides Google with information about the value of the content on your website.

This in turn can result in higher search engine optimization rankings and give you the extra boost you need to bring visitors to your website.

The Future of Automated Video Captioning

With technology moving so fast, especially in the AI sector, the use of these captions to create voiceovers is becoming more and more popular.

You can easily add natural, realistic AI voices to your videos so users can both read and hear the content of your video.

Implementing both captions and voiceover will increase the retention rate of the viewer.

Online video editors such as Pictory can easily extract information from URLs or a piece of text content.

In a few easy steps, you can turn text into a video, caption your video, and add a natural voiceover to give your video that final touch.

Add Captions To Video FREE With Pictory

With Pictory, your video is ready to publish in minutes.

Your video is available as an MP4 file, ready to be published on your website, social media, or your learning management system.

You can use Pictory to edit & publish eLearning and training videos.

You can use it for demo videos or Webinar videos.

Interested in a live demo of Pictory for editing videos for your company’s video team?

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How to Permanently Add Subtitles to Your Video with Pictory AI’s Advanced Tools

Understanding Pictory AI’s Subtitle Features

permanently add subtitles

Pictory AI offers an intuitive way to permanently add subtitles to your video, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Easy Upload and Auto-generated captions

visuals to video

Users can upload their video files directly and use the automated captions feature to generate subtitles with just a few clicks.

Support for Various Subtitle Formats

The platform supports various subtitle files including SRT files, allowing for easy integration and synchronization.

Customizing Subtitle Appearance

customization of subtitle styles

Pictory AI’s subtitle tool also allows for the customization of subtitle styles, ensuring that the text complements the video’s aesthetics.

Enhancing Social Media Videos

For content creators focusing on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Pictory AI simplifies the process of adding engaging subtitles to your videos.

Optimizing Your Instagram Videos with Effective Captioning Techniques

Simplifying Instagram Video Captioning

Creating subtitles for Instagram videos is now simpler with online tools like Pictory AI, which auto-generate captions accurately and swiftly.

Style Customization for Brand Consistency

subtitle format templates

You can upload your video online and choose from various subtitle styles to match your brand’s voice and visual style.

Syncing Subtitles with Audio

Editing timings

Editing timings and customizing text boxes ensure that your subtitles are perfectly synced with the audio file.

User-Friendly Interface for Captioning

Pictory AI’s user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to add engaging captions or subtitles to your Instagram content.

Boosting Search Engine Discoverability

This approach not only enhances viewer engagement but also ensures your video content is more discoverable on search engines.

Utilizing Auto Sync Features to Add Subtitles on Social Media Platforms

Advantages of Auto Sync in Subtitling


The auto-sync option in tools like Pictory AI simplifies adding subtitles to videos for various social media platforms.

Clear Communication Despite Background Noise

By automatically syncing the text with the audio files, these tools ensure that your message is conveyed clearly, even amidst background noise.

Seamless Media Import for Subtitling

import media, including audio and video files

Users can easily import media, including audio and video files, and the system will auto-generate captions with impressive accuracy.

Subtitles for Enhanced Social Media Reach

This feature is particularly beneficial for videos shared on Facebook pages and YouTube Studio, where clear subtitles ensure wider reach and comprehension.

Customization for Visual Appeal

With the option to edit timings and styles, creators can ensure that their subtitles not only convey the message but also add to the visual appeal of the video.

Enhancing Video Accessibility with Closed Captions and Open Captions

The Importance of Captions in Accessibility

Closed captions and open captions

Closed captions and open captions play a crucial role in making videos accessible to all audiences, including those with hearing impairments.

Easy Caption Uploading and Creation

Tools like Pictory AI allow creators to easily upload captions files or use automated captions to create subtitles for their videos.

Language Support for Diverse Audiences

various language options

The platform supports various language options, catering to a diverse audience and enhancing the inclusivity of your video content.

Flexibility with Closed and Open Captions

Closed captions, in particular, offer viewers the flexibility to turn subtitles on or off, while open captions are permanently embedded in the video.

Making Content Inclusive and Accessible

Whether for educational content or entertainment, adding captions and subtitles using Pictory AI is a step towards more inclusive and accessible video content.

Mastering Subtitle File Formats and Styles for Diverse Video Needs

Understanding Different Subtitle File Types

Understanding different subtitle file formats, such as SRT files and caption files, is essential for tailoring subtitles to your video’s needs.

Seamless Integration of Subtitle Files

Pictory AI supports a wide range of subtitle files, allowing users to import and edit subtitles seamlessly.

Tailoring Subtitle Styles to Your Video

customize font styles, sizes, and colors

The platform’s subtitle tool provides various options to customize font styles, sizes, and colors, ensuring that subtitles complement the video content.

Achieving Perfect Timing with Subtitle Delay

Creators can also adjust subtitle delay to achieve perfect timing by adjusting the scene timing to make sure the viewer has a nice visual flow.

Being the Best at Adding Captions to Video

At Pictory we believe we are the best but we also don’t mind competition. So in the spirit of competition here are some alternative tools.

But, we still believe we are still the best!

Enhancing Video Engagement with Automated Subtitles

Kapwing hompepage

Kapwing’s Advanced Subtitle Generation: Kapwing offers a user-friendly interface for automatically generating subtitles.

The process is simple: upload your video, select ‘Auto subtitles,’ and the tool generates subtitles in seconds.

Kapwing also features a video translator capable of handling over 70 languages, perfect for reaching a global audience.

Their free plan includes up to 10 minutes of auto-subtitles, with a Pro plan available for more extensive needs.

Subtitle Customization and Translation

VEED.IO hompepage

VEED.IO’s Subtitle Tools: VEED.IO provides an easy way to add subtitles to videos with their auto-caption tool.

They offer a range of customization options for subtitles, including font, color, and style changes. Additionally, VEED.IO can translate subtitles into over 100 different languages, making your content accessible to a wider audience.

Their platform is designed to boost engagement and searchability on various social media platforms​​​​.

Adobe Express’s Caption Generator

Adobe Express hompepage

Adobe Express’s Captioning Features: Adobe Express offers a caption generator that transcribes video audio into subtitles. Users have the option to manually type captions for total control.

The platform also supports animated effects for captions, adding a dynamic visual element to videos. Adobe Express provides a range of free templates, video, and audio assets, making it a comprehensive tool for video editing and captioning.

FlexClip’s Subtitle Editor

FlexClip hompepage

FlexClip’s Easy-to-Use Interface: FlexClip allows for simple subtitle additions and edits to videos.

It is particularly user-friendly for beginners, offering a straightforward three-step process: upload, add/edit subtitles, and download.

FlexClip’s service is a solid choice for those looking for a quick and uncomplicated way to add subtitles to their videos.

Flixier’s Online Subtitling

Flixier hompepage

Flixier’s Browser-Based Subtitling: Flixier provides an efficient way to add subtitles online.

It’s especially notable for its fast processing time and customizable subtitle presets.

The platform makes it easy to synchronize subtitles with video, ensuring that the text matches the audio seamlessly.

Flixier is a great option for quickly producing subtitled videos for various social media platforms.

SubtitleBee’s Influencer-Focused Features

SubtitleBee hompepage

SubtitleBee for Social Media Influencers: SubtitleBee is favored by influencers and vloggers for its ease of use and advanced features like video cropping for different social platforms and fast captioning with AI assistance.

It also offers privacy-focused options, ensuring that your content remains under your control​.

Happy Scribe’s Professional Subtitling

Happy Scribe hompepage

Happy Scribe’s Professional Approach: Happy Scribe offers both AI and human-made subtitles, providing high accuracy and various turnaround options.

They support a wide range of subtitle formats and provide tools like subtitle time shift and subtitle converter, catering to professional video editing needs​.

Captions.ai’s Multilingual Captioning

Captions.ai hompepage

Captions.ai for Global Content: Captions.ai allows users to caption videos in 28 different languages.

It offers various font styles for personalizing videos and features other tools like AI Eye Contact and audio-to-video conversion, making it a versatile choice for content creators looking to reach a global audience.

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