Online video generators are incredible tools with time-saving, energy-efficient, and cost-protecting powers.

The rise of AI-generated videos has opened up new doors for marketers everywhere to create engaging video clips in record time.

These aren’t run-of-the-mill video creation tools.

They’re the product of cutting-edge AI technology and machine learning algorithms that exist solely to make your life easier.

Through an extensive stock media library accompanied by resonating sound effects, you’ve got everything within reach to craft engaging videos that connect, inspire, and convert.

Statistics show that 92% of marketers confirm video marketing’s positive effect on ROI.

image statistics of positive ROI

Including video in your strategy can take your business to new heights.

Whether synthesizing promo videos for social media platforms like Instagram or longer ones tailor-made for YouTube, Pictory makes it super easy.

With user-friendly editing tools and backed by advanced artificial intelligence features, think of it as the multi-faceted wand that adds a magical touch to your content marketing efforts.

In this piece, we’ll explore the various benefits of having such an online video generator at your disposal.

1. Online Video Generators Save Time

As marketers, we cannot pretend that time isn’t a scarce commodity in the business.

We’ve got overflowing to-do lists and ever-soaring expectations, so it can be tough to strike a balance between delivering consistent quality content and adhering to demanding timelines.

But what if there’s an efficient way to create videos that doesn’t involve odd hours browsing through stock media collections or mastering complex editing tools?

Get ready for an upgrade where the entire video production process is simplified without compromise.

You guessed it; only an online video generator can come to the rescue.

When powered by AI tech, it automatically optimizes the entire workflow.

AI Automation in Video Editing

script-to-video feature

The beauty of Pictory lies in its smart automation.

The AI handles tedious tasks that would usually take up a huge portion of your time.

For instance, let’s say you have a block of text you’d love to bring visually alive but fear it’d take forever.

Use the script-to-video feature and watch as AI turns lines of text into captivating scenes with fitting background music and relevant images—all within seconds!

And rest assured, there won’t be any compromise on the human touch.

Every output feels relatable and engaging to viewers.

Templated Designs: Plug-and-play creativity

If you’re working for a category-of-one brand, you want to avoid cookie-cutter visuals at all costs.

But these solutions do save time.

Pictory's extensive range of free video templates

Thankfully, Pictory’s extensive range of free video templates is designed for various platforms.

From long YouTube videos to short Instagram clips, you’ll find video templates that aren’t available anywhere else.

You’ll be able to select from an array of beautifully crafted templates.

Then, tailor them with your own voice narration or even a custom avatar representing your brand.

All that without losing days in complex editing procedures!

We’re talking high-quality videos that are relevant to your audience, aesthetically pleasing, and driving real results.

2. Online Video Generators are Cost-Effective

cost effective graphics

The adrenaline rush that comes with the content marketing game can sometimes feel a lot like gambling.

One second, you are on top, generating content that’s smashing records, and the next, you’re looking at balance sheets, wondering where your budget’s disappearing!

These little beasts called “operating costs” can be quite sneaky!

But with a video generator, that’s no longer anything to worry about.

It’s one of those power moves where a sizable Return On Investment (ROI) meets manageable costs.

Designed with efficiency in mind, you can produce content without the usual associated overhead costs.

Subscription-based Model = Predictable monthly spending

pictory subscription

Your company probably creates truckloads of videos every month.

When using subscription-based software, there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of every billing cycle.

You’re in complete control of what you spend because every cost has been anticipated and accounted for.

No alarming bills at the end of each project or unforeseen pay-as-you-go fees suddenly creeping up on you.

With a set-it-and-forget-it subscription model, your financial planning becomes as predictable as the sunrise!

You know exactly what to expect, giving you a firmer grip on your overall expenses.

In-house Online Editor vs. Hiring External Video Editors

Now, we step into the curious world of number crunching for a minute – aka accounting.

Let’s break down those dollars and make some sense out of them.

Start with comparing “in-house vs. outsourcing.”

If you get jitters just thinking about onboarding another bunch of full-time salaries or freelancers, then stop right there!

By choosing an efficient AI-powered software tool designed to generate videos like clockwork cheaply, these worries causally walk out the door.

Keep in mind the average media production crew and equipment rentals will cost you around $1,000 or more per minute of video.

Here are some bonus points: Not only do you save big bucks, but you’re also saying hello to the consistent brand image across all platforms, as the content creation is within your control.

3. The Scalability of Content with Online Video Generators

When speaking of content marketing, the adage “more is better” often holds true, especially when the conversation revolves around video content. 

According to recent studies, up to 80% of consumers vastly prefer video content to reading plain text.

image statistic consumer preferance

As your brand continues to grow and expand into new virtual territories across various platforms, your audience’s craving for more compelling videos will only intensify.

But how do you cater to this growing demand without breaking a sweat or a budget?

The answer lies in one vital term: scalability.

High-volume Production Capability: From Single to Multiple Videos in No Time

Sure, creating one great YouTube video is terrific.

But what if you need several within a strict timeline for an imminent product launch?

You’ll have more chances of getting picked up by the almighty YouTube algorithm with multiple videos.

Repurposing long videos to short clips is quite a neat trick, too!

You can swiftly whip up short Instagram teasers from the footage you used for exhaustive LinkedIn explainers!

Everything is possible, from engaging ‘short videos’ or comprehensive ‘long videos,’ similar-style ‘first AI videos’ or highly-specialized ‘unique videos.’

Your output doesn’t need to be restricted anymore.

It’s easy to create high-quality videos in a fraction of the time.

Flexibility & Adaptability: Online Video Generators Meet Your Evolving Needs Effortlessly

Every project flies in with its unique twists and turns.

Some might require upbeat music tracks.

And others might need text prompts infused into scenes eloquently.

A good online free video maker is all about flexibility and adaptability.

Want text-to-video capability that ensures none of your gems gets lost in conversion?

You got it!

Or maybe an AI image generator that adds its dash of coolness by transforming mundane images into astonishing graphics?

Got that covered, too!

And as audience preferences fluctuate faster than mood swings, having such flexibility serves as an unbeatable superpower!

It empowers marketers not only to ride but also to steer these waves successfully.

4. Reduced Training Time with Online Video Editors

Learning new software tools often sounds like a daunting task that involves steep learning curves and never-ending hours sunk into troubleshooting.

Thankfully, this is where the online video creator serves as an exception rather than the norm.

With these revolutionizing platforms, we’re looking at a drastic reduction in training time.

That’s countless hours, once spent on figuring out intricate traditional editing software, now unlocked for your creative pursuits!

User-friendly Design: Making Sophisticated Editing a Breeze with an Easy-to-Use Interface

The appeal of video creation tools lies in their incredibly user-friendly design.

Remember drawing your first doodle?

This feels just as natural!

The drag-and-drop functionality, partnered with an easily navigable interface, makes the entire process super easy.

It opens avenues for entire teams to craft multiple language videos without any previous editing experience.

Beginner-friendly Instructionals: Supportive Tutorial Ecosystem

business ecosystem key words

These masters of efficiency don’t just stop there!

Online video generators often come with beneficial tutorials and guides that walk through every feature at a comfortable pace—from understanding video preparation basics to getting around various editing tools.

Think of it as having an expert walking you through each step.

No fancy classes or draining sessions are needed to create professional videos that resonate.

You can onboard new editors for your team as easily as one-two-three!

5. Online Video Generators Foster Enhanced Creativity

Finally, we get to the heart and soul of the matter.

Have you ever felt restricted by a lack of resources while conceptualizing a fantastic, mind-blowing content marketing campaign?

Well, it’s time to bid farewell to those creativity blues and say hello to boundless innovation!

You’re about to step into a world where your imagination is your only limit.

Online video generators put an impressive array of tools at your disposal.

The result is an addiction to experimenting with creative ideas that transcend the mundane.

AI Video Editors are Equipped with a Wide Range of Features

The rollercoaster ride of bringing an idea alive with an AI video editor is anything but ordinary.

Access elements from music tracks that set the energy level right on target.

Add enchanting sound effects that can intricately detail audio narratives in any language.

Or highlight cliffhanger moments in your story using dramatic transition effects.


As we skate toward the end of our exploration, it’s clear that incorporating an online video generator into your content marketing strategy is just the beginning.

Plenty of additional AI tools can help you create content in ways you can barely begin to imagine.

The influence of video is undeniably powerful in the digital world.

To not harness its potential would mean leaving money on the table.

With Pictory, those arduous hours spent struggling with complex tools become productive creation sessions.

Whether you’re looking to squeeze maximum value out of every penny or plot the growth of your brand, an AI video generator offers predictability.

So here’s our final word of advice: Ditch the traditional ways and embrace the revolutionary power of AI-generated videos. 

Try Pictory today and see the results for yourself!

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