Real estate videos are creating more buying and selling opportunities across the entire industry, not just for luxury properties.

Instead of relying solely on open houses or traditional advertising to lure potential buyers, videos allow agents access to a whole new side of the real estate market.

If you’re worried that this means you now have to start hiring professional videographers and editors, don’t.

We’ve got all the top tips you need right here.

And once you’ve got your property footage, we’ll explain how to make your listing video with Pictory in minutes (no pro editing experience needed).

You might be in the real estate business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a video marketing wizard too…

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  • Real estate videos can be categorized into three main types: listing videos, agent introductory videos, and client testimonial content.

  • A great real estate video can help boost your marketing strategy in several ways including boosting trust with clients, expanding your reach, and allowing you to target people at all stages of the sales funnel.

  • By looking at existing videos, it’s clear that the best real estate videos adapt their style to the property they’re featuring. These real-life examples also prove how impactful adding captions and great music can be.

  • You can easily create a similar video to either example discussed by using Pictory’s visuals-to-video feature, as well as our various customization tools that allow you to add branding, stock footage, etc.

Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

Before you start creating videos, it’s worth considering the different types available and where in the sales funnel they operate best:

Listing Videos

Video listings have become common place in the industry, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw industries finding unique ways to target buyers at home.

They typically provide viewers with a virtual tour showing the layout and best features of a property.

But why are they so popular?

Well, we’d argue that a video listing gives prospective clients as much insight into a listing as going to an open house would, but with added convenience.

sales funnel

What’s great about them for real estate agents is that they target buyers at every part of the sales funnel – whether they’re first-time buyers and new to your business or returning clients.

Real Estate Agent Introduction Videos

An introductory video is a classic example of top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) marketing.

It’s perfect for targeting home buyers or interested sellers who are brand new to your business.

This type of real estate video marketing is all about selling who you are as an agent and why you’re worth trusting.

It can be as simple as a sit-down, direct-to-camera video, or show you on the move in a property.

You can even create more educational videos and share buyer dos and don’ts that help establish both who you are, and your expertise.

Client Testimonial Videos

Bad deals and undisclosed property issues often make it tricky for buyers to trust a new real estate agency.

Client testimonials are one of the best ways to get ahead of this issue and target people in the middle or bottom of the sales funnel who need an extra nudge of assurance before taking the final steps.

Like an introduction video, a testimonial video is more about selling you and your real estate brand than it is about a property.

Use it to show off your happiest customers and the purchases where you’ve been able to make the biggest impact and you’re sure to attract fresh leads.

And if you don’t have the time or resources to make interview-style testimonial videos, written ones work just as well.

Pictory’s Script to Video feature turns any text into professional faceless video with stock footage in minutes.

script to video

The Benefit of Good Real Estate Videos

quote The National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors has predicted a major increase in home sales for 2024, but even the best realtors will need a strong marketing strategy to take advantage.

Here’s how effective real estate videos can help you with potential clients:

They Boost Trust

The tricky part of most online listings is how impersonal they are.

A set of photographs with a short agent bio fails to capture that sense of personal connection most of us need to really trust real estate professionals, especially ones we’re new to.

Making videos is a chance to change that.

It allows you to show your properties more fully, give a sense of your personality, and most importantly, assuage any doubt over “doctored” images.

They Help You Reach More People

Video content is the must-have marketing tool for attracting more leads.

It’s one of the most watched types of content online and, as such, provides anyone in real estate with a unique opportunity to expand their audience reach.

Unlike an open house or physical advertising, your customers don’t need to live nearby to engage with it.

People who may have missed out on an open house, for example, will instead be able to see it via a video tour.

They Work for Buyers at All Levels

No matter where your target audience is or where in the buyer’s journey they are, real estate video marketing is one of the best ways to reach them.

Sharing stunning videos online of your listings can just as easily attract attention from new, potential clients as they can bring past clients back to you.

They’re also a great chance for people who have already seen a property to revisit aspects of it and get comfortable making an offer.

Real-World Examples of Successful Property Listing Videos

Need some extra inspiration for video ideas?

Here are some of our favorite examples of property listings and why each video works:

Bespoke Real Estate

Aerial drone footage has become a hallmark of real estate videos, and this example illustrates the usefulness of big, overhead shots in showing off properties – especially larger ones.

Inside the home, however, the video style is quite simple.

The camera doesn’t move much and instead allows viewers to get a real sense of space and scale.

We mostly get wide shots of rooms, broken up by close-ups of interesting details like the beautiful taps in the bathroom.

It’s worth noting that the whole video is just video clips and background music, proving how effective a simple approach can be.

Amy Youngren’s Virtual Tours

Amy Youngren’s video takes a completely different approach and is a great example of adapting your filming style to the property listing.

Instead of big drone shots, which wouldn’t be possible for the city apartment she’s showing, she sticks to a walking tour.

The camera moves through the apartment at about eye level, mimicking the viewpoint you’d have walking through the space, while Youngren describes all the details.

This combination of low-key camera work and dialogue does an excellent job of making this tour feel more real than virtual.

What We Can Learn from Top-Performing Listing Videos

Learning from Top-Performing  Video Interviews
  • If it’s a big country estate with an insane location to show off, get out that drone. On the other hand, smaller homes in urban areas benefit from a simpler camera approach.

  • Youngren’s video has captions throughout – a smart way to ensure that viewers don’t miss any information. Pictory’s auto-caption feature makes this step a breeze.

  • The Bespoke Real Estate video opens with a quick bit of text showing the business and the most important details about the listing. This ensures that viewers are immediately situated. The outro also matters. Youngren’s video ends with her agency’s branding but it’s also worth adding a clear call to action.

  • Seamlessness is key. The lighting and camera work should simply show off the best of the property – not overwhelm it.

  • The right music track can take a video from dull to delightful in just a few beats.

  • When you’re trying to appeal to new, prospective buyers, your video needs to be optimized for search engines. Adding SEO terms to the description will help your video rank better in organic search results.

A Quick Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Real Estate Listing Videos on Pictory

Here’s how to create stunning videos with Pictory for a winning digital strategy:

  • Compile your selection of images or footage and upload everything to the visuals-to-video feature on Pictory.

The Visuals to Video feature on the Pictory accounte homepage
Pictory's video editor, showing the visuals tab where you can add stock footage to projects
  • Use our auto-captions tool to ensure that even if viewers watch your video on silent, they won’t miss a thing.

  • If you don’t have a quality microphone to do your narration with – just use one of the many hyper-realistic AI voices we have available from Elevenlabs.

  • We don’t have real estate video templates, but we do give you the option of creating branded intro and outro templates to use every time you’re creating videos.

  • Customize even further with text and graphics to draw viewers in.

  • Add music! We have royalty-free music available for all Pictory users.

3 Top Tips for Making Your Real Estate Video a Reality

3 Top Tips for Making Your Real Estate Video

Ok, you’ve only got a limited amount of time to pull a video together for your latest listing, what do you do?

Here are our three top tips:

1.     Collect Property Footage

Even with stock footage to boost your video, there’s no getting around how important is to get quality visuals of the property you’re trying to sell.

If your digital marketing budget is already stretched and video isn’t an option, just make sure to have great photographs.

It can still be edited into a slick video.

fundamentals for getting great footage

That said, here are some fundamentals for getting great footage so that you can stand out in today’s market:

  • Good lighting. It doesn’t need to be professional. Sometimes natural lighting shows off a property the best.

  • A quality camera with stabilizing equipment such as a gimble to make sure moving shots look smooth.

  • If there’s any audio being recorded, check the mic quality and keep background noise to a minimum.

2.     Write a Quick Script

The Amy Youngren video we referenced earlier would not have been possible without a script that summarized the overall marketing strategy, and key points she needed to mention.

Writing a quick script

It doesn’t have to be perfect but even getting a quick script down will improve your video’s flow and ensure that all the necessary information is included, such as:

  • The main benefits of the property. Use your skills and knowledge to nail down what makes it unique.

  • The pain points of buyers or sellers you’re going to address.

  • Where the listing can be found and who to contact for viewings. 

3.     Edit Your Real Estate Videos

With Pictory’s different features, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve recorded clips of your property, or just took great photos.

Anything can be turned into a professional marketing video.

The most important aspects to consider in editing your video

The most important aspects to consider in the edit are:

  • Adding music that fits the tone of your property and evokes the desired emotional reaction from your audience. It helps the video feel more engaging.

  • Clear captions that are easy to read and compliment your brand colors. Our auto-captions are easy to customize for this and help improve overall accessibility.

  • Build trust by showing as much of the property as you can. The viewer should feel as if they’re seeing the whole place.

  • As a final editor’s note, we’d recommend adjusting the length and aspect ratio of your videos so that they’re ready to go on multiple social media platforms.

You Don’t Have to Be a Pro Filmmaker to Give Your Listings the Star Treatment

Sharp editing and customization can make even the simplest real estate videos stand out.

The best part?

With Pictory you don’t even need to be a pro to make it happen.

Sign up for a free account today and transform your real estate marketing videos in minutes.


What is the right length for my real estate video?

It depends on the size of the property but generally, we’d always recommend making real estate videos shorter rather than longer.

Of course, for property listing videos, the right length is the amount of time it takes to show off the entire property fully.

Don’t rush showing every room from every angle.

Can I make awesome real estate videos on a budget?

Great videos don’t have to cost the price of the home you’re selling.

Pictory’s range of video generation and editing tools, including the visuals-to-video feature saves you both money and time, wrapped up in one simple package.

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