An AI writer or AI text generator can have a dramatic impact on your overall productivity and help you create high-quality content in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Infographic showing AI statistics.

People who utilize an AI writing assistant spend 30% less time on their written content.

Furthermore, 52% of business leaders use an AI content generator to help with their content marketing.

Marketers only have so much time in the week.

Already, content marketers spend on average 16 hours on routine tasks that cut into your big-picture, difference-making work.

Thus, adding an AI writer (or AI content generator) to your content marketing efforts will make room in your schedule to focus on high-priority objectives.

This article will focus on finding the best AI writing assistant (or AI text generator) for your content marketing efforts.

Understanding AI Content Writers

Let’s get into the meat of understanding AI tools and AI text for content creation.

Definition And Explanation Of AI Content Writers.

An example of an AI writer.

An AI text generator or AI writer is a piece of technology that produces AI-generated text.

It does so based on user-inputted, AI-powered prompts.

AI writers produce content that virtually mirrors human work using an AI model.

Advantages Of Using AI Content Writers.

The advantages of an AI writing tool include helping you overcome writer’s block and saving significant time on long-form content, product descriptions, website copy, social media posts, landing pages, etc.

We’ll extrapolate further below:

There’s nothing more daunting to any human writer than a blank page.

An AI-powered tool for writing ensures you aren’t staring at a blank page when producing marketing materials or ad copy.

Instead, these tools generate content in mere minutes.

While human writers who’ve toiled in the writing industry know this doesn’t replace their expert touch, it gives them a kernel of an idea to work with.

As we mentioned in the introduction, an AI text generator will help writers generate content faster and streamline their writing workflow.

Having something to help you overcome writer’s block means the work gets done far more rapidly.

AI can write blogs of 1000 words 2-4 hours faster than humans.

Specifically, using an AI writer can help content writers generate blogs of 1000 words between two to four hours faster than writing by hand.

When making a blog post, landing page, ad copy, long-form content, or any other form of content creation, AI text generators help formulate ideas for outlines, headlines, and keywords.

They can also help with fact-checking (depending on the tool).

Common Misconceptions About Using An AI-Text Generator

Human writers often fear that the dawn of the AI writer means that their time is up.

But this plainly isn’t possible.

AI-generated text has many uses (as does anything using an AI model).

And there are specific nuances adopted by well-practiced pros in the writing industry that AI text generators can’t quite match.

AI being used to write blogs, product descriptions and scripts.

Instead, the point of an AI text generator is to make your life easier when writing product descriptions or blog posts, for example.

They help you find the right words in a more streamlined fashion, bolstering your processes as you create content.

AI writers are not a threat to you as a writer.

Instead, AI writers are here to be your partner.

On the other end of that spectrum is the idea that AI will do all the work.

While AI writing tools can indeed emulate human language patterns in written content, they can often be detected.

Many advanced technologies exist to detect content made by an AI writer.

It will still be up to intelligent human minds to create high-quality content.

AI writing, in and of itself, can only get you so far.

Your expertise will be required to produce captivating blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, long-form content, etc.

Identifying Your Content Needs

Your AI writer can only help you create quality content if you’ve got a firm grip on your overall content needs.

We’ll examine this notion further in this section:

Assessing Your Content Marketing Goals And Objectives

It’s impossible to accomplish marketing success if you don’t have a direction, benchmark, and the necessary parameters to get there.

Your AI writer (like all AI tools) can’t compensate for a lack of a plan.

Instead, AI text generators–like humans–need a foundation to work from.

Thus, you must assess your current content goals and objectives to utilize your AI writer in a manner most conducive to success.

Whether your content goals are any of the following examples will impact how you implement your AI writer:

Implement content goals as a foundation for your AI to work from.
  • Teaching your audience about your brand, products, services, etc.

  • Building audience trust.

  • Building rapport with your consumer base.

  • Traffic growth.

  • Brand loyalty.

  • Customer retention.

  • Bolstering sales.

  • Lead generation.

Defining the Target Audience for Your Content

You need to know who you’re writing for.

You could combine with your AI writer to produce a piece of writing that could inspire Dickens himself.

Still, it won’t yield the results you seek without addressing the appropriate audience.

Industry leader Hubspot has a helpful article which can help to define your target audience.

Content Types And Formats Required

Examples of different content types.

The type of content and formats most likely to yield success depends on your target audience.

Whether they spend their time on socials, YouTube, Reddit, or more professional platforms like LinkedIn will dictate the content required to captivate them.

These various formats, whether long-form blogs or short-form social media posts (for example), can be accomplished seamlessly with an AI writer and the human touch.

An AI writer can also help you create captivating headlines and taglines for an online ad banner.

Such advertising is much more impactful when you add your brand logo to the equation, which you can also generate with AI.

Content Volume And Frequency

Consistency is crucial in content creation.

Your target audience might not wish to be inundated with blogs or social media posts every day.

However, you have a chance to establish your brand as a consistent presence in your target audience’s life by providing quality content at specific times.

That could be one blog and two social media posts per week.

It could also be a daily endeavor, depending on the inclinations and preferences of your target.

Content calendars and AI writers will help you keep up with posting.

Either way, an AI writer will help you keep up with those small or large volumes and frequencies in an efficient and streamlined fashion.

Key Features to Look for in AI Content Writers

Below are some crucial features to prioritize when seeking an AI writer.

Content Quality

First, you’ll need to evaluate the quality of AI-generated content.

Grammar tools and plagiarism detectors.

Use tools like Readable, Hemingway, or Grammarly to assess the grammar and readability of your AI-generated text.

Tools like Copyscape and Scribbr are plagiarism detectors that can add another layer to checking your AI-generated content.

We cannot overstate the importance of readability and natural language with an AI writer.

Scholarly studies speak to how valuable these qualities are in meeting people’s information needs.

Customization And Personalization of an AI Writer

Your brand is unique.

An overly robotic AI writer lacking the human touch will turn audiences off and make your company seem like “just another” faceless business.

Fortunately, today’s artificial intelligence writers can be trained to generate text with a specific brand voice.

LinkedIn has written a helpful article on how to train your AI writer to convey your unique brand voice.

Moreover, AI models and algorithms can analyze demographic information, browsing behavior, and other user data to deliver personalized, targeted messaging to unique audiences.

AI Writers have Built-in SEO Optimization

AI writers contribute to SEO-friendly content creation in several ways.

You can pair your AI writer with AI tools for SEO benefits.

For example, they can consistently implement optimized phrases and keywords.

These implementations will be natural and made better with additional human fine-tuning.

Other examples of the heightened SEO optimization offered by AI writers include improved grammar, readability, tone, and coherence.

These factors all impact SEO.

You can pair your AI writer with AI tools for keyword research and optimization, further streamlining your content creation.

Multilingual Support of AI Writers

Multilingual capabilities with AI writers mean you can generate content in multiple languages in mere minutes, vastly expanding your brand’s reach.

You achieve at-scale audience growth with minimal extra effort.

Assess whether your AI writer has language diversity.

However, this might not be crucial if you intend to limit your target market to an English-speaking audience.

Content Enhancement Features

Ensure your AI writer has the following features to further limit your legwork:

  • Grammar and spell check

  • Plagiarism detection

  • Content editing and revision tools

Popular AI Content Writing Tools

The top 3 AI content writing platforms.

Here’s a breakdown of 3 of the most popular AI content writing platforms: ChatGPT, Jasper, and Surfer SEO.


ChatGPT can tell stories, write code, and produce entire essays based on word prompts.

The conversational AI model is trained on vast volumes of text, such as web pages, articles, and books.

Thus, it can provide accurate responses to prompts about sports, politics, science, and tech. It can also help generate fictional stories and poetry.

A user can access ChatGPT through a chatbot or messaging app. ChatGPT hompepage.

Simply type in your query and wait for a response.

Statistical analysis, pattern recognition, and contextual understanding all come into play to generate responses akin to humans.

One of ChatGPT’s most appealing features is how it adapts based on user feedback.

ChatGPT has a free plan, but it has many limitations.

The paid version (with heightened functionality) is $20 per month.

With time and practice, ChatGPT can write all elements of a video script for you, which can be seamlessly built into your content calendar.

Check out our article here on how Pictory and ChatGPT are the best AI combination for content marketing production.


Jasper AI is a content generator and AI copywriter.

Jasper homepage

Its underlying model has read around 10% of all published internet content to fully grasp how people write.

This includes millions of websites, newspapers, blogs, Reddit threads, etc.

It offers users content generation, tone of voice settings, document editing, plagiarism checking, sentence rewriting, and more!

The price plan starts at $39 per month (Creator) and $99 per month (teams).

Surfer SEO

Are you already a Surfer SEO subscriber?

If so, you can access Surfer AI as a paid add-on.

A few presses of a button will be all it’ll take to generate your high-ranking, SEO-rich content (before adding your human touch).

Surfer SEO homepage.

With Surfer SEO, you start by inputting your target keywords and adjusting your tone of voice.

The anti-AI detection tool helps ensure your work doesn’t look overly robotic.

After reviewing your outline (generated by AI), it’ll take 20 minutes to generate an article for you to fine-tune and further SEO-optimize the work.

You can then publish the content on your website or blog.

You’ll need a Surfer SEO subscription to access Surfer AI, which costs $19 per month.

However, when you add the AI writer extension, it’s an additional $29 per article.

Evaluating AI Content Writers

The right AI writer for someone else’s business or brand isn’t necessarily the appropriate one for yours.

Brands driven by more SEO-focused goals might prefer something like Surfer SEO.

More creatively driven content creators could benefit more from a tool like ChatGPT.

At the end of the day, you won’t know until you try it.

Leverage free trials wherever possible to ensure you aren’t wasting money on something that won’t help your company.

Furthermore, if you like what the free trial offers, the eventual upgrades from the paid plans will kick things up a notch.

Also, the internet is filled with user reviews and testimonials.

Use these to your advantage and perform your due diligence.

Ask your industry peers what they’re using since their needs will be similar to yours.

Lastly, the scalability of the tool will be crucial.

Will its uses grow as your business grows?

Will the costs and scope of the work it can do remain efficient, or will you need to pay exponentially more for heightened functionality?

Setting Up and Using an AI Content Writer

You’ll first need to deal with the nitty-gritty of setting up your AI writer account and configuring it to your needs.

Once this is complete, you’ll be ready to use the tool.

Start your written content by inputting instructions to generate content.

An example of a prompt in ChatGPT regarding online courses.

Input text can be an introductory sentence or an outline, depending on your use case.

You should also be able to define your tone and add keywords to ensure the generated content aligns with your goals.

Then, you’ll need to edit and review your AI-generated blogs.

While AI writers do yeoman’s work when it comes to creating content, the tech is far from infallible.

Also, readers can tell when written pieces lack human nuance.

You want your work to be original content and to ensure all your research sources are verified.

AI writing is only one component of your content workflow.

It must be integrated seamlessly, like every other facet (e.g., brainstorming, strategizing, and publishing).

Ask yourself where it fits in your workflow.

In other words, you want it to be another step in the process, not implemented ad hoc, nor the entire process.

Potential Challenges with AI Writers and How to Address Them

Writers face risks and challenges when using AI writing tools.

There’s a glaring potential for losing your work’s originality, creativity, and authenticity if you rely too heavily on these tools.

Plagiarism tools can stop plagiarism.

Moreover, there’s an increased chance of plagiarism when these tools are part of your content creation workflow.

We’ve already discussed implementing plagiarism tools to offset those risks.

Additionally, humans need to read and fine-tune all AI writing.

The AI doesn’t have your subjective contextual understanding, nor does it possess your creativity.

It’s an assistant; you’re the one calling the shots.

Lastly, remaining informed about AI advancements in content creation will keep you ahead of the pack and in front of these potential issues.

The brilliant minds developing these tools are continually looking for ways to mitigate these challenges.

Best Practices for Working with AI Content Writers

Here’s a quick list of best practices to optimize the usage of your AI text generator:

  • Use AI to bolster the written work of humans.

    Such tools are meant to augment human creativity, not replace it.

    The results are inspiring when humans engage and participate in this uniquely collaborative process.

  • Ensure you hone a consistent editorial style your consumers can associate with your brand.

    This will help the AI generate work more aligned with your needs and goals while giving your written content a more human, relatable tone.

  • Always re-read your AI-generated content.

    Monitor it to ensure it’s readable and nothing is plagiarized.

    Double-check for false statements and that everything in your content is backed by facts.

  • Continually adapt to AI’s rapidly evolving capabilities to boost your productivity and stay ahead of the competition.


AI writing through tools like ChatGPT, Surfer SEO, and Jasper AI has taken content creation to the next level.

However, success isn’t guaranteed once you’ve added these tools to your marketing workflow.

Instead, your ability to flourish with an AI writer will depend on choosing the ideal option for your needs and using it as an augmenting tool.

Your skills as a writer and creative mind will still be at the forefront.

The AI usage expected increase.

AI usage in marketing is expected to increase by 166% over the next three years.

This includes AI writers.

Given the time these tools can save and the productivity they can yield, embracing this tech will keep you one step ahead.

You’ll find the most success with your AI writer by making the most informed decisions on which writing assistant you use and how you implement it.

Furthermore, you’ll find the most success when pairing your written content (powered by AI) with captivating visuals (also powered by AI).

Whichever AI writer you choose, the possibilities for your content creation will be endless.

Blogs, social media posts, and video scripts, all in a few clicks.

And with a Pictory account, you can just as effortlessly turn those scripts into high-quality, professional videos.

Follow our step-by-step on our Script to Video feature, to see just how accessible video content marketing is to you!

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