Content marketers have never been busier.

These days, every business is expected to be on at least two or more social media platforms.

And video content, which usually takes longer to make, has superseded simple text or photographic posts.

The pressure is on but thankfully, AI tools are here to share some of the load.

AI video editors, in particular, can assist both content pros and novices with all aspects of video creation.

From creating videos for social media on short timeframes to automating things like transcriptions and captions, there’s a feature for every content marketer.

Keep reading for a closer look at AI video editing software, the role this technology can play in the current content landscape, and the advantages it provides to creators of all skill levels.

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What is an AI Video Editor?

An AI video editor is any software that uses artificial intelligence to speed up or automate editing tasks.

A comprehensive AI video editor can do everything from cutting video clips together, to generating entire videos from text prompts.

For example, at Pictory we can generate videos from a blog – all users have to do is input the link and we’ll make a video from the text.

Pictory's video generation options with 'Article to Video' highlighted.

With an AI video editor, anyone can create professional looking videos with no video editing experience.

The Future of Online Content

Automating video content creation is exciting for many reasons.

Mostly it’s because of how much it helps content marketers meet the two main trends in online marketing right now:

Video Content is the Priority

No matter which social media platform is your focus, no one can escape how important video content has become.

Research displaying 54% of content marketers say video is the most valuable content type.

Online users are more likely to remember, engage with, and share video content than most other types.

Yes, the algorithms are pushing video content harder than ever but that’s largely because it’s what people want to look at.

Unfortunately, this trend has often made for more time-consuming and resource-intensive content creation and in turn, made it harder than ever for marketers to keep up.

Multi-channel Marketing

Adding to the never-ending list of stressors for content marketers is that in order to maintain proper visibility online and access different audiences, brands need to be on more than one platform.

An image showing video recording over numerous social media platforms.

If marketers could make one video and share it across all of them, it wouldn’t be such a challenge.

However, platforms vary greatly in terms of preferred format and video length.

This makes the editing process that much more tiresome as a single piece of video content then needs to be adjusted to suit each one.

Why AI Video Editing is For Everyone

AI software with extensive video editing capabilities can help any content maker, no matter their skill level.

Here’s why:

AI Video Editing Eases the Process for Novices

The most obvious use of video editing AI is to bridge the skill gap for those new to the video creation process.

For too long the assumption has been that the only way to create high-quality videos is by becoming an expert at using complicated editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

A complicated project in Premiere Pro.

This takes hours and hours of learning though.

Not to mention all the technical knowledge that video editing usually requires in terms of understanding pacing, transitions, and structure.

The best AI video editors are accessible to anyone and don’t require any major skills to use, while also automating many of the tasks that might otherwise have needed training for.

AI video editing tools are a great way for those new to this side of content to get familiar with things and still produce visually appealing videos, even without all the fancy technical skills.

An AI video generator requires next to no expertise on the part of the user and does most of the heavy lifting for them.

AI Video Editors Allow Pros to Focus on Complex Issues

A common misconception is that AI video editing software is only useful to novices.

But it can be a valuable tool for even the most advanced video creators because of one simple reason:

It saves time.

Most of the tasks that video editing AI can do, professional video editors can do just as well.

The only difference is that using AI takes less time and less effort.

It may seem silly to automate video creation when you can do it yourself.

But automation frees up precious time to focus on things like coming up with creative briefs or getting better video footage.

There are so many moving parts to creating a video.

Usually, the toughest aspect for a pro creator is just trying to balance everything.

An example of the AI sourced visuals in Pictory.

AI video editing tools can ensure that the easy or tedious tasks are taken care of so that pro creators only spend their time on the aspects that need them most.

This means in turn they can pour even more creativity into their work.

Content Marketers Get to Do It All

2023 content marketing statistics. Highlighting the importance of video marketing.

Most content marketers are performing multiple jobs.

They’re keeping an eye on marketing trends and audience stats, and trying to come up with fresh, creative content ideas at the same time.

Having to create videos and become an expert Adobe Premiere Pro user isn’t an easy thing to add to the list.

It’s why so many content marketers are forced to outsource video editing and hire extra help.

With AI video editors, however, content marketers get to do it all without necessarily needing new hires.

Automating the video editing process takes care of a major marketing burden.

Similarly, it ensures that small businesses with limited teams can better juggle their many responsibilities.

AI Video Editors are Designed to be Accessible

The best AI video editors are designed to be accessible.

This means that editing skills aren’t required, nor are coding or any other major technical attributes needed.

This helps create a more level playing field and allows more people, regardless of their expertise or interests, to participate in the video editing process and have fun with it too.

Whether you’re creating music videos for a laugh or professional explainer videos as part of your business strategy, AI video editor tools are a way to get involved with video creation.

10 Advantages of Using AI Video Editing Software

Whether you’re a creative or a video newbie, here are 10 advantages that AI video editing software offers everyone:

1.   Marketing Content becomes Easily Scaleable

Even the most experienced video creators struggle when the volume of content expected suddenly increases.

As businesses grow and expand, content demands tend to increase as well.

This is especially true of any brands that begin to include more social media channels in their repertoire or are trying to post more frequently.

AI video editors make scaling up video creation and editing far easier for all.

It limits the need for new hires and ensures that some of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects are handled quickly and with minimal input required.

This is especially true of AI video generators which can produce engaging video content with only a script or blog post to guide the process.

2.   Online Video Editors Save Time and Resources

A powerful AI video editor can save creators extensive time and resources.

Instead of spending hours trying to decide how to edit video clips together, an AI tool allows users to simply select footage and let the software stitch it together.

It saves resources not just in terms of limiting the need for extra hires to work on video creation but can reduce how much needs to be spent on filming.

Also, many AI video editor platforms operate as AI video generators and give users access to extensive stock footage that can be used alongside or in place of original content.

3. Pictory gives you Access to Stock Footage and Music

Because Pictory also functions as an AI video generator, we have an extensive library of stock footage, images, and music on hand.

Pictory's editing toolbar. Highlighting the options for background music and AI voiceovers.

This makes it easier than ever to create professional videos and ensure that all your creations have engaging background music too.

Stock content can be used alongside original footage or to create whole videos.

It’s important to note that just because AI video editors automate many things, it doesn’t mean that users don’t still have room to play with editing themselves.

Think of AI tools as an assistant.

If you want, they can take over most tasks, but you still have free reign to intervene and adjust where you’d like to.

4.   AI Video Editing makes Branding Content Easy

One of the fiddlier tasks of video editing for online marketing is adding company branding.

Personalized intros and outros are easy with an online video editor like Pictory.

Pictory's branding options for intros, scenes and outros.

We even provide video templates to work from so that choosing where to place branding isn’t as difficult.

An annoying editing task suddenly becomes a simple matter of uploading your branding and letting the AI video editing tool do the work for you. 

5.   Create Professional Videos in Minutes

There’s a certain slickness to the editing that more professional videos have.

You can’t always put your finger on it as a viewer, but the quality is recognizable from the jump.

Smooth transitions, engaging graphics, and text elements, and consistent branding all add to the overall video quality.

With an AI video editor, these elements are made far more accessible and still allow you to create videos quickly.

A demonstration of how easy it is to add transitions to your videos with Pictory.

One of the best aspects of AI tools is that they ensure that users no longer have to compromise on creating compelling content for the sake of time limits.

6.  Video Content Boosts Engagement

Many of the aspects already mentioned in terms of the access AI video editors give to stock background music, visuals, and interesting text or graphic elements, all help to create videos that grab people’s attention more.

This in turn, usually leads to boosted engagement.

For more on this, read The Power of Video Marketing in Boosting Business Sales.

7.   Switch Easily Between Short and Long-Form Content

Depending on the social media sites that creators are dealing with, most have to produce both short-form and long-form content.

A single YouTube video now also needs to be cut to something that can go on TikTok or used to market the video on Instagram.

Traditionally, this would have meant double the editing work.

A robust AI video editor, however, can take over this task completely.

Pictory creates automatic highlights of your content, so that longer videos can be edited down to short, marketable pieces of content suitable for a range of platforms.

8.   Manage Multiple Social Media Video Formats

Length isn’t the only concern when switching between apps though.

Aspect ratio is yet another complication for many content creators trying to juggle more than one social media channel.

A highlight of the 'format' option in Pictory's toolbar, conveying how simple it is to change your videos aspect ratio.

Again, instead of cropping video clips manually, Pictory automates things so that users can easily crop videos into the required aspect ratio.

9.   Text to Video Generation

Whether users want to turn a blog post into a video, a podcast transcript, or even just a script, an AI video editor can get the job done in just minutes.

Users don’t even have to worry about trying to film their own footage ­– the AI video editor will source stock content and automate the entire process.

10.   Auto-Add Captions

An image showing how to select/de-select captions in Pictory.

Auto-captions and transcriptions are a game changer for editors and creators of any level.

Adding them to videos improves everything from SEO to video engagement, especially since about 85% of videos are watched without audio.

How Pictory Can Help You Edit Videos

Pictory AI offers the best features and advantages of AI-powered software all from one platform.

Whether it’s text-to-video generation you’re interested in or auto-captions, we can help.

Our user-friendly interface makes things easier for novices but equally, the convenience of our editing tools and the time it can save benefits even the most experienced editors and creators.

Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how it can improve your editing workflow.

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